OccupyMarin: Wells Fargo Foreclosure Rally – 7/11/2012 Photos

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Wells Fargo stop the foreclosures OccupyMarin Rally

As an update (7/11/12 10pm) to Patricia and John’s foreclosure case: The eviction notice says they should be gone out of their house by July 23 at midnight. Some of us from OccupyMarin and OccupyOakland are planning on coming over to their home’s front yard and camp there to stop the Sheriff and Wells Fargo from evicting Patricia and John. If you cannot join us, please support us by calling Wells Fargo and elected Officials, their phone numbers are as follows:

Wells Fargo: 800-853-8516

Lynn Woolsey: 415-507-9554
Jared Huffman: 415-479-4920
Mark Leno: 415-479-6612  SF Office: 415 557 1300
Katie Sears: 415-473-7331
Barbara Boxer: 510-286-8537
Dianne Feinstein: 415-393-0707
Kamala Harris: 916-322-3360






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