Update on Oakland May Day Arrests and What You Can Do to Support as of 5/3/12

Categories: Anti-Repression Committee

About seven comrades are being released from Santa Rita tonight but four
more are still being held over for arraignment & will have court tomorrow.

What you can do to help!

Go to court 5/4/12!

Wiley Manuel Courthouse is located at 661 Washington @ 7th Street in
downtown Oakland.

The one misdemeanor arraignment is at 9am in department 107 and three
felony arraignments are at 10am in department 112. Packing dept. 112 is
really important so if you only want to attend one arraignment, this is
the one to go to! Packing courtrooms often helps sway the judge to be more
lenient on defendants when they see the defendant has a lot of community
support. This is a important show of support, but it is not a protest.
Keep in mind there are many rules to attending court. You will go through
a metal detector and should not bring anything illegal or sharp into the
courthouse. In the courtrooms you can (and likely will) be evicted from
the courtroom if your phone is not off or if you talk while the judge is
on the bench. Please be mindful too that the bailiffs are holding our
comrades, so let’s stay cool—and get them out!


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