May Day Events: Highlights & Links

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International Worker’s Day and Immigrants’ Rights Day. Occupy Los Angeles has called for a General Strike on May 1st, an action which Occupy Oakland has endorsed.

More information here.

Tentative schedule here.

Posters and flyers here and here.

6AM: Support the Golden Gate bridge workers via pickets and rallies (appears that the Occupy the Bridge action called off as of 4-30-12 but buses will still leave from 19th & Telegraph to occupy the Golden Gate Bridge.More info here and here.
9AM – NOON: 3-4 morning actions, Some events here.
NOON – 1PM: Everyone Converge on Downtown
1PM – 3PM: Themed Actions & Marches Around Downtown
3PM: March for Dignity and Resistance
All are encouraged to join the march starting at Fruitvale BART station at 3pm.
More info here and here and here.
6PM – 7PM: Reconvergence downtown to coincide with the march arrival


6 Responses to “May Day Events: Highlights & Links”

  1. mat

    An open comment to Occupy: until you expunge from your ranks people who want to throw things at other people and set stuff on fire, I won’t support you. You know, chimpanzees sometimes throw their feces when upset and right now the comparison between you and they seems appropriate. And while we’re at it, how about a more productive form of protest than shuffling around the city all day? You are the zombie of the social movements of my parent’s generation. How about a day of protest putting in a thousand backyard gardens, or cleaning the trash from every street in the city, or a roving kitchen feeding every single hungry person. When you find something more productive to do with your time, I’ll gladly join you.

  2. oaklandrevolutionary

    @amanita according to the toll workers union who organized the “occupy the bridge” action they don’t plan to actually take the bridge and impede people’s commute into the city but to have massive demonstration all of them can’t miss as they come in or out. also technically a general strike would mean everyone should be striking there in making those people scabs. just saying. but the point is the action has been revised because you are not the only one who has thought of the fact that we may alienate more people then gather to our cause via fully occupying the golden gate bridge although in my humble opionion it would be a beautiful action to see 10,000’s of people swarm the GG bridge and reclaim it back from the tourists for a day.

  3. G

    I apologize, I just found out that it’s not an occupy the bridge rather the plan is to stand beside the workers of the bridge and allow for normalish traffic flow. I still support the movement-but I would like to suggest an occupy the bridge where we actually occupy the bridge in the name of immigration reformation we are all citizens of the milky way anyway sheesh! Respect Without
    Boarderz done

  4. G

    The Golden Gate bridge strike on May Day is, I believe, about respect for working people. You can read more about the specific goals of event at! crazy huh? I’m going to be bold and say that if you choose to drive across the bridge to SF from Marin and back you are in the ‘global version’ of the 1% (please don’t feel alone I’m in there with you) so yep, take the long way, swim, or better yet call in to work because your suddenly feeling ALIVE and join the picket lines! Selfishness is NOT a virtue in society; however, it works great if you live alone with respect of nature….have fun! I am thankful there is a bay to bridge in the first place, peace and love!

  5. WandaKay

    Because the 99% should be joining the May Day Strike, take a day off at the very least, participate in the festivities to support the 99%, which is you!

  6. Amanita

    Strike against what, specifically? No rhetoric, please. Specific goals, only. How is occupying the Golden Gate Bridge and impeding the 99%’s access to jobs making a positive difference? Do you think only the 1% live in Marin? All you’re doing doing is pissing people off, not gaining allies.