Foreclosure Defense Group Update – April 7, 2012

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  1. Bank action this week!
  2. Solidarity with Nell and Synthia on Monday!
  3. Reportback on our foreclosure training
  4. Flyers and canvassing



We have been meeting with Richard Harris, a  homeowner in the Fruitvale who is facing foreclosure and who has just been denied a loan modification. An ex-state police officer and an ex-SF firefighter, he has been in his home for 25 years and the bank thinks he is just another entry on their balance sheets.  They think they are going to sell his home from out from underneath him in a month.  The system is rigged, his old unions are absent, and the banks are giving him the same old paperwork runaround while the clock ticks.  Time for Occupy to step in and take this fight public.

WHAT: SAVE RICHARD HARRIS’  HOME!!  Bank Action and Street Canvass

WHEN: Wednesday,  April 11,  2:30-4:00 pm

WHERE:  Fruitvale BART to gather and hold a pre-action briefing before we leave for the bank.

WHAT:  We will be delivering a demand letter to the branch manager, seeking to initate good faith negotiation and escalation of Mr Harris’ case as well as holding an informational picket outside the bank and street canvassing on foreclosures in the neighborhood.  This isn’t a bank closure although the banks often try to close rather than deal with their own customers. Livestreamers will respect our media parameters or will be deemed “hostile” and be dealt with accordingly. This is a disciplined action with a set of agreements that will be discussed at the pre-action briefing.

See you there!!

This is a public fight now!!


“STOP THE SALE Auction Action ROUND 2!

Monday, April 9 meet @11:30am
Alameda County Courthouse

We stopped them last time. We can do it again.

CJJC Foreclosure Counselor Nell Myhand and her partner, Synthia Green are fighting to save their home. On April 9, Chase / Freddie Mac will try to auction the home again. We stopped them last time. We can do it again. Myhand and Green demand that Chase Bank cancel the sale of their Oakland home.

The Stop the Sale Auction Action is scheduled for Monday April 9, 2012.

Meet at 11:30am at the Alameda County Court House 1225 Fallon, Oakland.

On March 7, Nell and Synthia wrote Chase Bank asking Chase to produce a copy of the original note – and all appropriate endorsements including documentation (conveyance) of the transfer of ownership of the property to the current holder of the note for the loan.
In response, Chase sent a letter stating they would have an answer or update status by April 3, 2012. Nell and Synthia have received neither an answer nor a status update.
The process of negotiating a loan modification, or authorizing the sale of homes should not be conducted by parties that do not have standing.
In San Francisco the County Recorder reports that an audit found that 84%of the foreclosures had fraud of one type or another.
This supports not only cancelling the sale of the Myhand Green home but a moratorium on all foreclosures and evictions.

Join us at our Stop the Sale Auction Action: Monday April 9, 2012 @ 11:30am, Alameda County Court House 1225 Fallon Oakland.

Nell and Synthia need their home more than Chase needs one more.”



The organizers training we put together for last Tuesday was great!  Twenty five people attended which was double what we anticipated. We had four organizers lead the discussion; Claire (ACCE) Yvonne (ACCE), Julian (Occupy Bernal) and Brooke (OOFDG). Yvonne shared her story of her sister fighting to save their home in Alameda and from there we dived right in the story of the crisis as a whole and how we have been organizing locally.  We covered a lot of ground, there were many excellent questions and conversations and we could have easily have gone another hour with interest and attention in the room.

From these trainings we will be developing distributable material to give other Occupies and fighters a leg up in organizing. If you want to help contribute to this effort, please drop in to one of our meeting or drop us a line at

Stay tuned for announcements about more trainings and workshops!



Our printing comrade totally came through with a couple thousand more of each of our handbills! They look sharp and now include a QR code on them – scan it with your smartphone and it loads the directory information automatically (so I’ve been told – my ‘dumbphone’ is a $12 burner from Radio Shack).

They will be available for pickup during business hours at The Rising Loafer at OGPlaza and at  Ancient Ways 4075 Telegraph.

We are in the process of developing a more intensive canvass plan to target particular neighborhoods so if you want to pitch in on mapping out neighborhoods, if you have canvassing skills or if you simply like talking to people or walking in the sunshine and flyering, give us a call!



…is down with Occupy and particularly interested in the housing crisis and fighting foreclosure so she is offering 10-15 minutes at each of her tour appearances to local foreclosure defense groups. She is at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley on April 17th. and we will be there talking it up on stage. w00t!


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