Foreclosure Defense Action This Wednesday!!

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We have been meeting with Richard Harris, a  homeowner in the Fruitvale who is facing foreclosure and who has just been denied a loan modification. An ex-state police officer and an ex-SF firefighter, he has been in his home for 25 years and the bank thinks he is just another entry on their balance sheets.  They think they are going to sell his home from out from underneath him in a month.  The system is rigged, his old unions are absent, and the banks are giving him the same old paperwork runaround while the clock ticks.  Time for Occupy to step in and take this fight public.

WHAT: SAVE RICHARD HARRIS’  HOME!!  Bank Action and Street Canvass

WHEN: Wednesday,  April 11,  2:30-4:00 pm

WHERE:  Fruitvale BART to gather and hold a pre-action briefing before we leave for the bank.

WHAT:  We will be delivering a demand letter to the branch manager, seeking to initate good faith negotiation and escalation of Mr Harris’ case as well as holding an informational picket outside the bank and street canvassing on foreclosures in the neighborhood.  This isn’t a bank closure although the banks often try to close rather than deal with their own customers. Livestreamers will respect our media parameters or will be deemed “hostile” and be dealt with accordingly. This is a disciplined action with a set of agreements that will be discussed at the pre-action briefing.

See you there!!

This is a public fight now!!


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