STOP THE SALE Nell’s home is in danger!

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When: Thursday, March 8 at 12noon to 3pm
Where: Alameda County Court House,1225 Fallon, Oakland Lake Merritt BART, 40 bus stop

Homeowners names Martha Nell Myhand and Synthia Green
Property address 1329 E 32nd St Oakland CA 94902
Chase Bank Loan# 1996439003
Notice of Trustee Sale #7037.72898

On March 8, International Women’s Day, my partner and I are refusing to be made homeless or exploited for the profit of the 1%. We are about to be foreclosed on by Chase Bank and their thieving friends after two years of runaround and refusal of the bank to work with us to modify our home loan.

We have lived at 1329 E. 32nd St. for eleven years. A series of events impacted their ability to sustain the house payments of over $2100 per month. My mother developed dementia, requiring full-time caregiving from until her death in this home in 2009. Synthia had a stroke, was forced into early retirement, denied disability but ultimately won her rights and is now blind. The unwaged caregiving work increased while my family’s income dropped.

I have spent hundreds of hours tied up with loan modification paperwork and being sent between the bank and other entities who “may hold the deed to their home”. In the end our applications were denied twice for no credible reason. Even with the auction pending we are in the middle of another modification request and still trying to find out who has the title to the house. As is the case with many families of color, the Bank has no concern for our economic hardships.

In spite of this, I am active with Women of Color@Global Women’s Strike, continuing to help others with similar problems and to build campaigns to defend everyone’s right to justice. Both Synthia and I are determined to see the world become a better place and to this end they intend to remain in the home which they have paid over $150,000 for, with its lovely garden that we both love.

I am employed as a half time housing counselor and Synthia, is a retired teacher living on STRS disability retirement income.


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