Foreclosure Defense Group Update – March 20, 2012

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Hey all,
Another busy week.  I’ll get right to it.
  1. Foreclosure Fight training and teach out
    at the Occupy Oakland BBQ and SpeakoutSATURDAY, MARCH 24th, 1-5 pm
    RAINBOW PARK, Seminary and International Blvd
    Oakland, (yeah, where else man?)
  2. OOFDGroup members meeting
    SUNDAY, MARCH 25TH 12:30 PM (before General Assembly)
  • WE’VE BEEN FIELDING CALLS FROM A NUMBER OF FOLKS ASKING FOR HELP.  At the moment there are four new cases to which we are responding and setting up house visits FOR.  There are also fights being handled by ACCE, Just Cause, and EastBaySol where we could be called on for further solidarity and aid including the fights of Siaka Cisse, Nell Myhand, and Brenda Reed.

  • ON FRIDAY 3/16, ACCE, HOMES NOT JAILS AND OCCUPIERS FROM OO, OSF AND OCCUPY BERNAL HELPED DEXTER CATO REOCCUPY HIS HOME at 1401 Quesada St in Bayview-Hunters Point.  Despite the rain,  a crowd of about 60 folks rallied at another occupied home down the street, marched to Dexters home and took it back!!!
  • MEMBERS MET SUNDAY before GA  at 19th and Telegraph and spent most of the time talking about roles to be filled and the variety of different  tasks to be done.  We ran through the history of the Katy Mitchell fight as an example to layout just what work is typically needed. We came up with a good breakdown of different tasks and roles and segued right into divying work up.
  • WE ARE HOLDING A TEACHOUT ON FORECLOSURE AND FIGHTING BACK at the OO Cookout happening this Saturday at Rainbow Park in Oakland. We will have experienced organizers as well as homeowners and family who have been through foreclosure fights there to drop some knowledge and training on how to fight back.  Other trainings that day will be emergency trauma training from the People’s Community Medics and a Know Your Rights presentation from Copwatch.  We also will be sharing a table with Occupy The Hood and will have new handbills and material directly targeted at homeowners facing crisis.
  • We now have full access to our portion of the main website at   wOOt!! Thanks, webcomm!
  • Now members have their own listserv through  to handle tasks and the to-and-fro of getting things done.  This is distinct from the larger email list of supporters.  If you have been overlooked as a member (someone who is interested in doing work on a weekly basis, has done work with us before and/or come to an action) and would like to be on this, drop us a line at the mailbox.
  • Look for another update coming soon with web links to all our pages and resources as well as links to much of the recent media and converage of Occupies fighting foreclosures including OChicago, OTampa and ODetroit.Adelante!

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