Foreclosure Defense Group needs help

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In addition to fighting for Mrs Katies home we are soliciting support and members for our Foreclosure Defense Group (FDG). We are struggling to get tutorial material together, a foreclosure fighters handbook. We are developing and expanding the radical model we apply to foreclosure fights.

There are three levels of involvement:

  • Supporter : You receive email updates on all the various fights we are in and emails letting you know how you can plug in. ( This is the lowest level of commitment.)
  • Member: You lend regular support, take on tasks, and are a voting member in our meetings. To become a member, you must come to an action or have an organizer vouch for you. Members can bring proposals before the group.
  • Organizer:  You consistently come to weekly meetings,  strategize for fights,  organize actions, and take on frontline duties.  We are still working out whether or not this should be a formal level or more of a conceptual one.

If interested email Brooke at with a short description of your level of interest, your location, your skills , the resources  you can bring to bear and what you are comfortable doing.

We have a lot of pressing needs.  Most of them at this point are tasks dealing with information/propaganda, web presence, media surveying, canvassing coordination, data entry and email list management.



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