February 29th,Shut Down the Corporations Day, 1st Planning Meeting Sunday, 12pm @ 19th+Telegraph

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The recently passed proposal to support the SHut DOwn The Corporations day on February 29th will have its first assembly meeting this Sunday, February 12, at noon at 19th and Telegraph to begin talking about what kind of actions people would like to organize for this day.

This action has been ratified by 46 other cities across the United States, and was originally called for by Occupy Portland.

This day of autonomous action could reconvene at night for a previously organized event in solidarity with the call by Portland, and could resemble the Nov. 2nd General Strike in that actions could originate from the plaza and return at night after doing many different kinds of things during the day.

A major target of this action is the American Legislative and Exchange Council, a proponent of neoliberal and austerity policies that has had a direct hand in creating the circumstances we find ourselves in today.

The website by Portland, with flyers: http://www.shutdownthecorporations.org/

There is already one action planned: http://www.facebook.com/events/332708153425176/

A funeral for Capitalism – eulogy, procession through the streets with brass band, burial – dancing on the grave to follow

Gather for a funeral procession through the streets to a gravesite.

Funeral attire suggested.
Use your extra day to bid farewell to a system that brings us meaningless jobs, billionaires, shopping
malls, structural poverty, and ecological collapse. May it roast in hell or rot in peace. Let’s resurrect
a world of cooperation, justice, pleasure and beauty from its moldy bones. Don’t mourn – Organize!
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  1. notthatyoucare

    Not that any of you care, but look who taxpayers are paying for Michelle Obama to hobnob with this weekend in Aspen. James S. Crown

    AKA James Schine Crown

    Born: 25-Jun-1953
    Birthplace: Chicago, IL

    Gender: Male
    Religion: Jewish
    Race or Ethnicity: White
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Business
    Party Affiliation: Democratic

    Nationality: United States
    Executive summary: Henry Crown and Company

    Father: Lester Crown (billionarie, b. 1926)
    Mother: Renee Schine
    Brother: Steven
    Sister: Patricia
    Brother: Daniel
    Sister: Susan Crown (VP at Henry Crown & Co.)
    Sister: Sara
    Sister: Janet
    Wife: Paula Ann Hannaway (m. 27-Jul-1985, two daughters, one son)
    Daughter: Victoria
    Daughter: Hayley
    Son: Andrew

    University: BA Political Science, Hampshire College (1976)
    Law School: JD, Stanford University Law School (1980)
    Administrator: Trustee Chairman, University of Chicago

    Henry Crown and Company President (2003-)
    Henry Crown and Company VP (1985-2003)
    Henry Crown and Company General Partner (1985-)
    Salomon Brothers VP (1980-85)
    Member of the Board of Bank One (1991-2004)
    Member of the Board of General Dynamics (1987-)
    Member of the Board of JP Morgan Chase (2004-)
    Member of the Board of Sara Lee (1998-)
    Bill Bradley for President
    Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Trustee
    Chicago Symphony Orchestra Trustee
    Commercial Club of Chicago
    Dean for America
    Economic Club of Chicago
    Executives’ Club of Chicago
    Friends of Joe Lieberman
    Hillary Rodham Clinton for US Senate Committee
    Joe Lieberman for President
    Obama for America
    Obama for Illinois
    Straight Talk America
    Illinois State Bar Association 1980