a self-assessment for participants in movements, particularly occupy oakland

Categories: Reflections

Do I tend to always speak first, interrupt or take more than my share of space?

Do I unilaterally set the agenda?

Do I assume I’m more capable?

Do I trivialize the experience of others?

Do I challenge or question the tone, attitude or manner of others?

Do I make assumptions about what someone is more “suited” for?

Do I take responsibility for, think for, or speak for others?

Do I assume an individual speaks for others from their group?

Do I control the organization’s resources?

Do I reduce difficulties to personality conflicts, ignoring history or power factors?

Do I assume the root of a problem is misunderstanding or lack of information?

Do I ask others to explain, prove, or justify themselves?

Do I mimic other cultural traditions or religious practices?

Do I expect to be treated as an individual outside of my group’s history?

Do I ignore or minimize differences by emphasizing similarities?

Do I equate all oppressions as equal?

Do I expect others to be grateful?

Do I defend mistakes by focusing on good intentions?

Do I take things personally and miss the systemic aspects?

Do I assume everyone has the same options I do?

Do I assume that the visible reality is the only one operating?

Do I expect “others” to educate me about their group’s history, or sensibilities?

Do I assume someone is exceptional compared to the “average” person of their group?

Do I always expect to be trusted?



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