[Passed at 2/19/12 GA] Proposal for Statement of Solidarity with Syria, Greece, Occupiers Around the World

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Occupy Oakland stands in solidarity with the people of Homs and Hama, and all the people of the cities of Syria who have been shot at, shelled, terrorized, and murdered for daring to peacefully protest their government. We stand with all the peoples of Syria who are struggling to free themselves from the oppressive dictatorship of Bashir al-Assad and live without fear.
Occupy Oakland stands in solidarity with the ninety-nine percent in Greece. We support your struggle against the austerity measures imposed by one percenters both foreign and domestic; policies which will plunge your country into a depression and lead to economic ruin. Truly, European banks are being bailed out, while an entire nation is being sold out. From Oakland to Athens, those who suffer from economic oppression cry out: “No Justice, No Peace!”
Occupy Oakland, still without a home, stands in solidarity with Occupy Newark, Occupy Houston, Occupy Washington DC, Occupy Miami, Occupy Pittsburgh, Occupy Maine, and all other occupations across the world that have recently been evicted or face eviction. Occupy Oakland sends a “hella shout-out” to all Occupies across the world which marched, passed solidarity statements, and sent us letters of support in the wake of J28. And to our brothers and sisters across the pond at Occupy London Stock Exchange, hella thanks for a “hella video.” This all has brought tears of joy to our eyes and renewed steel to our resistance.


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  1. callresponse.radio

    I heard you voted on Syria. Here’s a couple of relevant comments from the KPFA website re a “hotflash” (of “news”) on Syria on “The Saturday Morning Talkies” Feb 18: Yes, it is discouraging to hear KPFA “news” folks mouth the party line. Doesn’t it seem that when we keep hearing over and over some sad story we should immediately be suspicious? I mean really – when was the last time the U.S. war empire doing such a massive media blitz to be nice guys? That’s when to bookmark “hmm must be more to this” and begin the research. was a good program on this on KPFA’s Voices of the Middle East and North Africa Feb 1 – very moderate. I see it’s off the KPFA website now (I guess cause it included music?) but soon it may be at the Voices of the Middle East website http://vomena.org/blog/ or write to the producers of that show at vomekpfa@yahoo.com . and this is in reply to this one: Just to comment on the news
    Submitted by Adrian from Amsterdam (not verified) on Sun, 2012/02/19 – 5:43am.

    Just to comment on the news from Syria, let me quote Thierry Meyssan from the Voltaire Network:

    “For eleven months, the Western powers and the Gulf States have lead a campaign to destabilize Syria. Several thousand mercenaries infiltrated the country. Recruited by agencies in Saudi Arabia and Qatar within the Sunni extremist community, they came to overthrow the “Alawite usurper” Bashar al-Assad and impose a Wahhabi-inspired dictatorship. They have at their disposal some of the most sophisticated military equipment, including night vision systems, communication centers, and robots for urban warfare. Supported secretly by the NATO powers, they also have access to vital military information, including satellite images of Syrian troop movements, and telephone interceptions.

    This has been falsely portrayed to the Western public as a political revolution crushed in blood by a ruthless dictatorship.”

    I just can’t stand it when progressives fall for war propaganda.