[Passed at 2/26/12 GA] Proposal for Principle of Solidarity Against Police Repression

Categories: GA Proposals, GA Resolutions

Given the current climate of police repression against Occupy Oakland, and given that a key tactic of this repression is to foment and exploit divisions among us, we hereby collectively agree to stand in solidarity with one another, across all potential divisions.

We enact this principle of solidarity with one another by recognizing our individual and collective responsibility not to incriminate our fellow Occupiers, and hereby agree that:

1) We will not talk to the police about our comrades (This includes all levels of local, state and federal law enforcement, jail staff, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, Internal Affairs, and the Citizens Police Review Board.).

2) We will not post potentially incriminating information about our comrades on the internet and social media (This includes any forms of information posted on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email, etc.).

3) We will not post potentially incriminating video footage or photos of our comrades (This includes being attentive to the fact that even minor and unintended incidences can be used as the basis for criminal prosecution.).

We also enact this principle of solidarity through the support and care we provide for one another in the face of repression. We hereby agree to express this solidarity by showing up for court support, doing jail runs and jail visits, writing letters, contributing to bail and/or commissary funds, and generally offering whatever support we are able to.

In the Face of Police Repression – the Principle of Solidarity.


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