[Passed at 2/19/12 GA] Proposal for Finance of National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners

Categories: GA Proposals, GA Resolutions

Working Group Name: National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners

WG Project Description: Our group is organizing a mass demonstration at San Quentin State Prison on Monday, February 20, 2012. This demonstration will feature voices and statements from prisoners, stand in solidarity with prisoner movements such as the Georgia Prison Strike and Pelican Bay Hunger Strike, demand the abolition of unjust sentences, the release of political prisoners, and an end to torture practices such as the SHU and solitary confinement.

Project Budget: $3,799

Item Description and Need: The total budget for the event is $3,970. $1,470 has been raised through our own fundraising efforts. We are asking for $2,500 from Occupy Oakland. We will continue to fundraise, and if we exceed our estimates, we intend to return a portion of the funds to Occupy Oakland.

Buses: $2,500
Bathrooms: $300
Printing: $670
Arts: $300
Misc: $200
Total: $3,970


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