Update on Recent Police Repression and How Occupy Oaklanders Can Fight BACK!

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Last night (Jan 04, 2012) the Police did a raid of the Plaza; 60 cops came and removed the info table, and other vigil supplies and then proceeded to arrest 14 people, two of whom had been crossing the street in order to avoid police confrontation. The police brutality has reached an all-high for the movement.

As an occupier put it: “Occupy Oakland has been the victim of almost daily raids by the police in the last two weeks. Dozens of us have been arrested and detained for days – only to have the flimsy charges eventually dropped. When raid after raid results in prolonged detentions and dropped charges – that’s not law enforcement, it’s police terrorizing nonviolent protestors.”

Naomi, Svend, Knowledge, Dominic, Adam, Bunny, Stephanie & Nneka have all been charged with misdemeanor obstruction (148) [they’ve added a second misdemeanor for Stephanie] and will be arraigned tomorrow morning at 9am in Dept 107. Bail is set at $5000 for all of them except Stephanie whose bail is $10,000.

Ali has also been charged with an additional felony. His arraignment is tomorrow at 2pm in Dept 112. His bail is set at $15,000.

Chris has also been charged with 2 additional felonies. His arraignment is Monday at 2pm in Dept 112. His bail is set at $25,000.

Sean has also been charged with 1 additional felony. His arraignment is Monday at 2pm in Dept 112. His bail is set at $30,000.


1) Let’s flood the numbers below with calls and bring as much pressure today as we can so that they drop charges tomorrow morning. Get everyone you know to call…

Nancy O’Malley (Alameda District Attorney): (510) 272-6222

Jean Quan (Mayor): (510) 238-3301

Deanna Santana (City Administrator): (510) 238-3301

Howard Jordan (Chief of Police): (510) 238-3076

2) Make sure to attend the arraignments tomorrow!!


Stay Strong and Support your comrades!!!


Anti-Repression Committee



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