Police end the year cracking down on Occupy Oakland; we start the year saying, “oh hell no!”

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In the last week, the city has dramatically increased its repression of the Occupy Oakland movement by orchestrating repeated raids and arrests. Two days ago OPD raided a new encampment in West Oakland and an occupied house at 10th and Mandela, where members of Occupy Oakland were in the process of establishing a community center and shared living space. In those two raids over fifteen people were arrested. OPD has also been targeting the ongoing vigil and tree sit at Oscar Grant Plaza for the last few weeks. They have repeatedly entered the plaza and randomly arrested known Occupy Oakland participants for “crimes” such as removing a blanket from the trash can and carrying a bicycle. Individuals who questioned these arrests were then arrested themselves and charged with resisting arrest! One  individual has now been in jail for over a week and was denied his medication for a serious psychological condition seven days.

Yesterday OPD escalated their crackdown on public assembly at Oscar Grant Plaza. They arbitrarily arrested eleven people gathering in the plaza and charged them with crimes ranging from “attempting to incite a riot,” “lynching,” and “resisting arrest.” One of these eleven was an individual who had just been released from jail the night before after being arrested in a previous raid! These individuals will remain in jail through the New Year’s weekend until their arraignment on Tuesday.

We are asking that all supporters of Occupy Oakland show solidarity with the recent arrestees. Please come to the arraignments of our comrades beginning on Tuesday at 9am in department 107.

We are also asking supporters to immediately contact the mayor’s office and the office of the District Attorney to demand an end to the crackdown on Occupy Oakland. We want their mailboxes to be full when they return to work after the holiday weekend!


Mayor Jean Quan: 510-238-3141
District Attorney, Nancy, E. O’malley – DA  – 510-272-6222


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