Police Beat Anti-Police Protestors, Arrest Six; Multiple Injuries at Jan 7 Demonstration Against Police Repression

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On January 7, 2012, Occupy Oakland supporters participated in an “Anti-repression / Fuck the Police” march to the Oakland police station in order to condemn the series of outrageous and violent arrests committed by the Oakland Police Department during the past week. Also referred to as “Occububbles”, the march was attended by people who brought out mini-teepees, blew bubbles, and played drums.

At the police station protesters were met by a large group of police in riot gear. Police began advancing toward the protesters, and, failing to follow their own “use of force” guidelines, gave no warning to disperse before they began beating protesters who could not run away fast enough. It was not until 16 minutes after the OPD began beating protesters that the first dispersal was given.

A medic reported treating one protester with a broken leg, who had also been shot in the face with a “non-lethal” round. A young woman was clubbed. There were reports that a police officer threw a bike at a medic who was giving medical attention to an injured protester. According to police reports, not a single officer was injured. The total number of injured protesters is unknown.

This week, the National Lawyers Guild issued a statement demanding that the Oakland Police and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Departments end harassment of Occupy Oakland protesters. Members of Occupy Oakland call on the city and the DA to release political prisoners who are facing felony charges for “crimes” no more severe than sitting peacefully in a public space.

Tonight’s protest was also called “Film the Police” march. Numerous community citizens livestreamed the protest and confrontation. Livestreamers who tweet as @OakFoSho @punkboyinsf @BellaEiko @Eyeslam and @JeffKloy provided live coverage of the rally, as no mainstream media were present. Livestream viewers numbered in the thousands.



3 Responses to “Police Beat Anti-Police Protestors, Arrest Six; Multiple Injuries at Jan 7 Demonstration Against Police Repression”

  1. natemayhem

    I suggest we do not let the cops put anyone into custody, there is no reason for getting arrested, I think we as a group need to be responsive and not let anyone be arrested especially after the NDAA that has been passed. Lock arms stay together and don’t let your friends get arrested.

  2. me

    fear mongering propaganda. SHAME ON YOU, YOU FUCKING CHILDREN. we are hopelessly disconnected from any fight with the 1%. world collapse to follow. maybe a flashmob would help. you play at being adults in a world where real adults are already in control. it’s sickening.

  3. calaverasgrandes

    Lets be honest here. The march kept advancing and retreating until the police chased them. How many times did the march pass in front of OPD’s fortress? Whenever they did come in front of the OPD’s headquarters people were throwing rocks and bottles. Together with the instructions to “wear black!” it is hard to see this as anything but a deliberate attempt to provoke the police.
    We cannot confront the police in the streets and win when to even show up with a gun is to be declared a threat that must be “neutralized”. We cannot confront them in the streets when defending yourself as against violent police attack is obstructing an officer, resisiting arrest or lynching.