Occupy Oakland’s research working group survey for J28 move-in

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Occupy Oakland’s research working group (http://occupyresearch.net/oakland) is putting together a fact sheet in support of J28 Move-in Day (http://bit.ly/ooresearch-j28), that outlines how austerity measures have been hurting our city and how Occupy is filling the gap of providing a safety net for people.

We’re asking OO committees and caucuses to help us write this fact sheet by answering the following questions below:
1) How many people have you served?
2) Who are the people in terms of race, class, and gender (rough estimate)?
3) What services have you provided?
4) What resource supports did you receive in order to provide these services?
5) What services can you provide in a OO Community Center?

Please send us your responses by email to ooresearch@googlegroups.com no later than Monday, 1/23 at 9am so we can incorporate them into the draft.


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