Labor Solidarity Speak Out

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The Occupy Oakland Labor Solidarity Committee would like to invite you to a:

Labor Solidarity Speak Out

Sunday, Jan15th Noon-2 PM

Oscar Grant Plaza

Featured Speakers:
Members of the ILWU who have been organizing the caravan to Longview, WA
to support Local 21 in their fight to keep union jobs on the waterfront and
break the power of the international corporations who are trying to open
the Export Grain Terminal later this month. Other Speakers include:

  • Workers from American Licorice in Union City where 187 workers have been on strike since December 5th demanding health care benefits and a right to keep
    collective bargaining.
  • Workers from Castlewood Country Club who have
    been locked out since February 2010 who are fighting for affordable health
    care and to keep their union at a facility that caters to the 1% and
    charges membership fees of over $25,000 per person. •
  • Port truck drivers who are fighting to be re-classified as workers and win the
    right to organize as a union.

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