General Assembly Agenda 1.8.2012

Categories: GA Agendas

I.	Welcome
II.	Welcome Announcements
III.	Agenda Overview
IV.	Open Forum
V.  	Reports from Committees, Sub-committees & Caucuses
VI. 	Overview of Process
VII.	Proposals
	1.	Proposal to endorse Bay Area Convergence
	2.	$500 to pay for BayAction text blast for the month of December [Finance]
	3.	Buy Local Proposal
	4.	Motion to Endorse the Strike of the American Licorice workers
	5.	Endorse the Locked-out Workers of Castlewood Country Club
	6.	Media Committee Reimbursement [Finance]
	7.	National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners.
VIII.	Action Announcements
IX.	General Announcements

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