GA Votes to Support Solidarity Action for Red Vines Licorice in Union City.

Categories: Labor Solidarity Committee

The Occupy Oakland Labor Solidarity Committee held a solidarity
picket with 200 striking workers who make Red Vines Licorice for American
Licorice in Union City.

The OO General Assembly voted unanimously to
support the picket on Sunday 1/8. The picket started at 5am on Monday
January 9th

The workers have been on strike for over a month. After a series of
concessions to a profitable company, the workers are being asked to give
massive healthcare concessions. We plan to show them that Occupy Oakland
supports their struggle and will stand with them.

the mass picket on Monday January 9th was to lend support to the
workers as they go into negotiations with the company that day. Scabs have
been brought in an effort to break the strike and the union. Massive
community support could help lend material aid to these striking workers.


The plant is at 2477 Liston Way, off of Whipple Road, in Union City.


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