[Passed at 1/8 GA] Financial Proposal for the Occupy Oakland Media Committee for $500 to pay for BayAction text blast for the month of December

Categories: GA Proposals, GA Resolutions

Whereas private parties were paying for the BayAction text blast system, but are now asking us to cover the costs of the system, Occupy Oakland Media Committee is made responsible for the costs and for planning the future of the current text blast system.
The media committee asks for an allocation of $500 to pay for the last month’s usage of the text blast system, including the Port Shutdown. This is an allocation to pay for services that have already been used.
This included $249 for the monthly service, and approximately $250 to cover the costs of the texts themselves.
The exact amount of the bill is not yet known, but any excess funds will be returned.
After the payment of the bill, the system will be shut down and replaced by a more affordable system.


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