[Passed at 1/13/2012 GA] Financial Proposal for Reimbursement for Khalid

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  • 2. Financial Proposal for Reimbursement for Khalid 
Proposal for reimbursement of funds that Khalid had to personally use for bail and purchase of a camera due to police confiscation of his old one. The amount paid for his bail due to his arrest at 11th and Mandela was $450.00. While filming in court at Rasta’s arraignment his camera was confiscated and he was arrested for that action as well. In solidarity with the NLG, Anti-Repression Committee, and everyone else who works pro bono, he thanks everyone for all of their support. In total he would like to receive $612 dollars so he can purchase a laptop and pay back the bail money.

Tim Fong
Victoria Helena

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