Support those arrested at Occupy Oakland

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Supporting arrestees is the responsibility of everyone in the Occupy movement. This helps those that are arrested or who are willing to risk arrest know that they are apart of a community and will have the movements support.

Here are some ways to support:

* Keep your ears open for legal updates and  upcoming  court dates and if possible come court solidarity during arraignments.

* If  you know people have been busted by the police be ready to show up to the jail that evening or the next morning to greet people as they are released.

* Volunteer to pick people up from Jail once they are released. Most people are sent to Santa Rita County Jail in Dublin Pleasanton ( about 30 min drive  from downtown Oakland). Volunteering to pick people up often means that you wait in parking lot until they come out. There is no guarantee of  the time they will be released so bring a book and some snacks because you may have to wait for awhile.

* Write  and visit those that are still in jail and let them know that folks in the Occupy movement are thinking about them and got their back.

Currently there is one person who is still in jail and would like visits and letters from supporters:

Eric  Bernard – PFN: AWK 373

550 6th street ( north county ) Oakland ca 94607

He’s at North County Jail (aka Glenn Dyer Jail) which is on 7th Street and Clay.

Visiting hours for Truth are Fridays 12:00 3:00 – you must sign up for this visit between 9:30am and 2:00pm, and Sunday 8:00am – 11:00am – sign up times are from 7:15- 10:00am. Each visit is 30 minutes and Truth is allowed 2 visits per designated day. When you sign up to visit you must present a valid form of identification and his PRN number #AWK373


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