Positive Thoughts About the Occupy Movements

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My positive thoughts about the many OWS type movements are collected in the articles listed below. The hope is that some of these thoughts may help young and active participants to develop better ideas of their own. These articles were also written to refute many of the criticisms of the Occupy Movement (OM), and to push back on the hostility of “the establishment” to OM. At my blog (http://manuelgarciajr.wordpress.com) I show links to videos and articles by others, which go deeper into the financial and economic roots of the crisis (a global war between massive finance capital and the many national social contracts, or “the commons”). This will be a long struggle.

What Next for OWS, Politics?
5 December 2011

A National Students’ Recovery Bank
21 November 2011

From Social Contract To Occupy Wall Street
7 November 2011

Political Belief And Self Image: Aron, OWS, And Libya
7 November 2011

The People Cry Out Against the New Great Depression,
Three Articles on the Protests Against a Failed Economy:
4 October 2011
(sendoff — Occupy Everywhere: Movements & Goals — Creating Jobs by Renewing Glass-Steagall — Reform Wall Street in Four Strokes)

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