Occupy Our Homes on December 6th!

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On Tuesday, December 6th ACCE, Occupy Oakland, Labor, Community Groups and families facing foreclosure are coming together once again to continue our call for stopping Foreclosures and Making Banks Pay!  Please join us in this National Day of Action called by Occupy Wall St.

Here’s a partial list of the “Occupy Our Homes” events happening next Tuesday:

9:30am:  ACCE & The Home Defender’s will be meeting @ Snow Park (20th & Harrison by the Lake) for a “Speak out on Foreclosures” to stop the sale of homes prior to the Holiday Season!

2pm:  Causa Justa::Just Cause and Occupy the Hood will be rallying and marching from West Oakland BART to demand the Banks work with an Oakland Family to put them back in their home.

4pm:  Occupy Oakland, ACCE and allies will be meeting @ Defremery Park on 16th & Adeline St. in West Oakland to support families who plan to Reclaim their Homes and fight back against the attack on working families across the country!

The national Occupy Our Homes campaign challenges a deliberate Wall Street strategy that has made billions for those at the top while devastating the 99%:

  • Banks created a housing bubble, deliberately designing predatory loans with balloon payments, variable rates, and other features that would yield short-term profits while preying on families least able to pay.
  • They knew that many of these loans could not be repaid, but they didn’t care because they planned to package and re-sell the mortgages to investors who then were left holding the bag.
  • The economy crashed as a result of this bank-created house of cards, putting tens of millions of Americans out of work. Unemployment is overwhelmingly the primary cause of foreclosures, not over-extended consumers.

If you have ANY questions, please feel free to email hadasalterman@gmail.com from the Occupy Oakland Housing Network.


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  1. wiseoldsnail

    nvm. the 2pm action starting at west oakland bart is the new rendition of what originally was planned to begin at fruitvale, incase anyone besides me was confused!

  2. wiseoldsnail

    i wish the fruitvale action was listed here::: can’t find it right now to add it. anybody???