Make Goldman Sachs pay

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Can you help us raise £20,000?

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It’s alleged that David Hartnett, the government’s top tax man, who loves to be wined and dined, met Goldman Sachs’ top brass in October and with a handshake agreed that the bank would be let off paying £10 million owed to the public purse in interest on an unpaid tax bill.

To challenge this back room deal, UK Uncut Legal Action, with the help of law firm Leigh Day & Co, is threatening legal action against the HMRC unless this dodgy and unfair decision is quashed.

Our fantastic lawyers are taking on the case on a ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis, but if we lose  we are likely to have to pay HMRC and Goldman Sach’s legal costs. We don’t know how much it could be but we imagine that it won’t be cheap. Can you help us raise some money? We’re hoping to get 20,000 people to donate £1 each.

So far we’ve raised £9,678. Thank you! If you want to make a donation, click on the Paypal button on the right. Find out more.





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