GA Minutes: 12.2.11

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Oakland General Assembly: Downtown Oakland

Date: 12/2/11

Approximate Start Time: 6:30 pm

Approximate Head Count: 115


F: We are going to change the agenda a bit because it looks like we are starting to reach quorum.  Let’s have all announcements first.



  • Oscar Grant Committee: Forum at the Humanist Hall, 12/3, “Silencing the Witnesses.” 390 27th Street. 2pm.
  • Hoodstocccupy Concert tomorrow; The performers should arrive at 12 noon.
  • An old bank in Santa Cruz is currently being occupied.
  • The first proposal for the GA coming for Sunday will be the “Decolonize/Liberate Oakland” name change proposal.
  • Free HIV testing on 16th and Telegraph
  • Keep your eyes on the web – cops are attacking people who are on bikes.
  • Citizen News Daily – look it up on the web regarding the Occupy Movement.
  • Anti-Repression: We take care of bail after arraignment and support those who are in custody.  We meet at SF Pizza daily at 12 noon.  Severeal arraignments are coming up next week, M/T/W.  Please come support.
  • Community Plug in: We are connected with grassroots community groups.  Email us if you’d like to plug in and help out.
  • Facilitation: 3pm-6pm Training at The Holdout (23rd and San Pablo)
  • Media: We keep a list of people who want to speak to the media about movement-related matters.  Please come to me if you are interested.
  • Kitchen:  Great job everyone!
  • Legal: We worked with Running Wolf and the Vigil Committee in getting the tipi set-up here.  We have a temporary permit for the tipi to be present (for 3 days….we received an extension). There are rules: no eating, no drinking, no drugs/alcohol, no sleeping, no cooking, no blocking pedestrian ways, keep it clean, and it may only be up between 6am and 10pm.
  • Media: We keep a list of people who want to speak to the media about movement-related matters.  Please come to me if you are interested.
  • Web: Proposals are now being posted online!  “Consensus99” is the password for our free wifi access point through the Rising Loafer at “ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLike.”
  • Wellness: TeachIn/Bridge Training tomorrow for medics, 1pm-4pm.
  • West Coast Shut Down Group: Flyer tomorrow!  We meet M/W/F/Sun before GA.  San Diego, LA, Portland, Vancouver, Oakland are involved.  Denver will shut down WalMart Dist. Point.  Humboldt and Eureka are involved.  People are being sent to Oakland and LA to do their own actions and support.


F: This is tonight’s agenda:  We’re at 113 – we are barely at quorum now.

I. Forum

II. Proposals

  1. Endorsement and Active Support of Global Day of Action
  2. GA at Every Major March
  3. Rent Free Month
  4. Straw Poll for People’s Mic
  5. Buy Local
  6. Endorsement of 99 Faces
  7. Occupy Oakland Tribune Finance

III. General Announcements

 Point of Process: Why can’t we skip the forum and go to proposals so we can get through as many as possible tonight?

F: We need to notify people in advance regarding the timing of when we hear proposals.  If we change the time now, people might not be ready to present.



How can we keep our presence going at the plaza?

  • Events, speakers, Soap Box Night/Political Discussion Night, Poetry Night, Art
  • More family and kid-friendly events; Children’s Art Day (kids can make pictures of tents and put them up everywhere)
  • Community BBQ, hot drinks
  • National Tent Day; Food Truck Day; Invite vendors with push carts to come
  • Invite orgs that provide services to come and be available
  • Come to the plaza in shifts
  • Have different community groups come here and represent their communities
  • Skill shares
  • GAs in different languages – especially if we change our name to “Decolonize”
  • Better online presence so people can know what is going on (email and Twitter)
  • Free umbrellas; on call crew who don’t mind being in the rain when it rains
  • “Read-in” – agree upon a book to read
  • Slumber Party with no tents



F: Not many people are new to the GA tonight.  This is our decision making process.  I’ll give a brief overview of hand signals.  (Gives review)

F: (Observes that people are concerned about a conflict on the perimeter of the plaza)  I understand that people are worried about an arrest and what is going on over there.  We’re losing quorum.  Let’s stay here and wait a few moments while people settle down and come back to the meeting. 

  1. Endorsement of Global Day of Action: We ask OO to endorse a statement of solidarity for a Global Day of Action in climate justice that is happening tomorrow.  This would also be in support of a farming action at Tassafaronga Farm in East Oakland

Clarifying Questions:

  • Where is it in East Oakland?  What are the cross streets?  A: 975 85th Avenue
  • Have you been in touch with anyone fighting Chevron in Richmond?  A: Yes.  Different community groups have been involved.
  • Have you talked to anyone from City Parks and Rec? A: Yes, there is an established relationship between Parks and Rec.


  • We should show solidarity for movements that are addressing issues of economic justice and environmental justice.
  • Food security, food justice, and environmental awareness is a part of our local movement.
  • We need to support community actions.


  • This endorsement would dilute our identity.


  • This is key to building resiliency and addressing issues of food security.

Vote Results: We have over 100 people here, so we are at quorum.


YES: 84


NO: 2

F: We have lost quorum, so we are tabling proposals for tonight.  Now we will resume announcements.

 (People were still upset about the conflict that happened during the GA.  During the announcements, the following statements were made in a “Soapbox” format)


  • It’s not OK to ignore cries for help when someone is being arrested.  I know that quorum is important, but we need to help people who are being arrested.  It can’t be something that is decided by the facilitators.  We need to get our rhetoric together.  Do we stick together against the police, or do we pick and choose who we protect?
  • She was being aggressive toward people, and seemed to have mental wellness challenges.
  • Everybody has a different trigger.  We need to think about what we are capable of managing.  No one knew what to do, even though there were dozens of people there.  It was a sad situation.
  • We did not have the police take her away.  She attracted the police, people crowded around, she was used as entertainment, and it was unfortunate.  She has calmed down now, and will be getting some help.
  • We need to offer de-escalation support – everyone was talking about themselves instead of listening to this woman’s needs.  I am very pissed off about the way she was treated and degraded.
  • I have my own opinions about what happened, but I just want to say that I don’t appreciate how my comrade was treated.  You don’t heckle him and talk about who does/doesn’t belong here.  He has been here and is a part of this movement.



8:25 pm


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