GA Minutes: 12.16.11

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Oakland General Assembly


Approximate Arrival Time: 7:30 pm

These are brief notes.  Be aware that the minutes are very incomplete.  I arrived late and when I arrived, not much had proceeded because a volatile confrontation occurred amongst members in the movement.  A woman reported to me that “The Tree People” from the Vigil were threatening the body of the assembly to pass a finance proposal that had failed nearly a week prior.  Another participant reported to me that there was a harsh exchange that occurred in the beginning of the GA.  This conflict distracted most in attendance.


1­. Temporary Reduction of GA’s For the Holidays: We would like to have the GA meet for twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays until the end of the Holiday season.  The regular schedule would resume January 8, 2012.

This proposal passed.

2.GA at the Oakland Police Department Downtown: We propose holding GA inside of the Police Department.

This proposal was tabled since there was no quorum.  The proposers later announced that it would be an autonomous action.


  • Thursday 6pm: Interoccupy discussion
  • Saturday 12 noon: John Nady Demonstration – meet at the Grand Lake Theater and march to Piedmont to Nady’s home to protest vacation homes being built on sacred land at Rattlesnake Island.
  • : if you want to get involved in community based actions, contact us!  Tues – utility advocacy for tenants to have power; Wed- Holiday Turkey service; Sat/Sun – canvassing to stop triggers on the budget that would affect the poor and disabled.
  • Continue to come here to this space, even if there is no GA or if it seems like no one else is showing up.  We can do this!




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