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This is a call for the Occupy Oakland movement to gain the support of Lech Walesa and start an American Solidarity movement. Lech Walesa was the leader of the Solidarity Labour Movement in Poland in the 1980s. The main action in the solidarity movement were countrywide general strikes that stemmed from the shipyards in Gdansk. Doesn’t this photo look familiar? Same roots, greed, totalitarianism, corruption and a police state… Lets fix this system before there are tanks on the streets of America.

Solidarnosc was able to achieve free labor unions and the first democratic elections in the totalitarian communist bloc countries. Lech Walesa has also won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts and later became president of Poland. We hardly have free elections here! Here is your model for revolution folks: A Voice From Gdansk

NSZZ Solidarnosc is still a major labor union organization leader in Poland. Recently, the head of the labor union organization, Peter Duda, pledged his support of the Wisconsin AFSME workers in their strike. The slogan for NSZZ is, “YOUR POLICY, OUR POVERTY”.

Recently, Lech Walesa made a pledge of support to the Occupy Wallstreet protesters. He also planned on attending and/or writing a letter of support. Unfortunately, a Republican interest group lied to him and told him that the movement wants to establish communist policies. Please learn about the solidarity movement and how its goals were the same as the Occupy Movement, democracy, labour rights, and the ability to speak your rights…to afford daily life. Getting the support of Lech Walesa at the 12/12 Occupy Oakland shutdown would be huge, it would be beautiful, and it would be an embarasment to the corporate state. Lets bring it back, American Solidarnosc!

Here is the contact information for the Lech Walesa Institute Foundation to try to get Lech Walesa back on board:

Lech Walesa Institute Foundation
Al. Jerozolimskie 11/19
00-508 Warsaw, POLAND

ph. +48 (22) 622-22-20
ph. +48 (22) 621-14-92
fax +48 (22) 625-14-14


In Solidarity,
Reuben Borowski of Occupy Denver