Portapotty Lifesaver for the Ladies: Female Urinary Device

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A tip for the ladies…

Many of the portapotties have been backed up and clogged to the extent that women can not sit down to pee.  If you are squat challenged, like I am, this device is a lifesaver that can help you use the urinal in the portapotties.  They sell it at REI for around $20.  I know that’s expensive for a piece of plastic with tubing, but if you are at the plaza a lot and can afford it, it’s totally worth it!   I have used it a lot on long car trips and backpacking as well because you can go in a bush without exposing your ass.  This model is good because the hard plastic is necessary to create a seal when you press it against your body.  There are other types with silicone funnels, but they bend and don’t create a good seal and you can dribble on yourself.   I am in no way affiliated with this company, I just thought I would share how much I appreciate the freedom to pee that this thing has given me…




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