Occupy Oakland to Build Garden in Oscar Grant Plaza

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Call of action for Saturday November 19:

We are asking the community to participate in the birth and beginning construction of a garden project in Oscar Grant Plaza. For the community, by the community. Respecting the land and feeding the people. Meeting at 11am before the 2pm rally and march. Any help, supplies, donations, ideas, permaculture/landscaping/eco-living educators and specialist are welcome. This is an ongoing community project so it will continue to expand and elaborate in the days and weeks to follow. Show up or sign up. Come and support the vitality and growth of this momentous movement.  contact: oocommunitygarden@gmail.com

Agreed on by Occupy Oakland General Assembly 11.16.11


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  1. think!

    This is wonderful, beautiful, productive thing! Genius! These are the kinds of projects that will make our movement a success.