November 28, 2011 General Assembly Agenda

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Agenda for GA November 28, 2011 *

  1.       Welcome
  2.       Welcome Announcements
  3.       Agenda Overview
  4.       Forum: Brainstorm creative actions to take the movement forward
  5.       Reports from Committees, Sub-committees & Caucuses
  6.       Overview of Process
  7.       Proposals

1. Local Business Liaison Proposal to endorse the “Buy Local” campaign

2. Straw Poll for whether to use people’s mic vs amplified sound at the beginning of GA

3. Proposal to Recognize Tactical Action Committee

4. Adopt Occupy SF Declaration

5. GA’s at every Major Action

8.  Action Announcements

9.  General Announcements

*Agenda posted late due to technical problems with website on November 27



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