Nov 20, 2011 GA Recording from livestream

Categories: GA Minutes, General Assembly

As a supplement to the  minutes  here is a link to the November 20,2011 GA

This link can be demoted or appended to the bottom of the minutes once they are posted.


2 Responses to “Nov 20, 2011 GA Recording from livestream”

  1. Facilitation-Committee

    A recommendation that preserves equity may be to remove all commentary – not just select commentary – regarding the deleted text, and to append the live stream link to the notes that are now posted.

  2. Liberate Oakland

    An earlier version of this post might have been read as a criticism about the rapidity with which minutes have been posted. That wasn’t the intention. That text has been deleted (Comments related to that text have been unpublished for clarity). In sum: The GA Facilitation committee could use more notetakers. Please volunteer.