Identity Check: Who I Am

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I’m not using my real name or one of my personal ID names here on the Occupy site.

I do use my real name in public, including at Occupy meetings, actions, & GAs.

Anyone who already knows me won’t have much trouble recognizing me here.

If you don’t already know me, I don’t see any need for you to easily find the rest of my online or meat-space identity, though it wouldn’t be that hard.

I do think some questions of identity & history are relevant to conversations here, & here’s a beginning list of answers:

I’m an anarchist, believing as I do that the only absolute law of human behavior is “do as thou wilt & suffer the consequences,” & that the best measure of a person is the degree to which zhe owns the consequences of zhir actions,” & that the strength of a society is directly related to how well it equips its members to be autonomous.  I’m the kind of anarchist that votes, pays taxes, works for justice, liberty, & prosperity for all, & has a retirement fund too…  & I’m the kind of anarchist who understands the arguments for a much higher standard of non-participation in the activities of the state.

I’m an Oaklander, native born, educator in our public schools, grad student myself at the moment.  I’m white, straight (mostly), male, Jewish, raised bourgeiois in the hills & hope to raise my own kids in a city where all the children get that kind of privilege.  I work at being an ally to people who aren’t white, straight, male, & so on, & I think I do okay at it & I know part of doing it means it’s always a work in progress & I’m not really the proper judge of how well I’m doing.

I’m a compassionate & generous person who will, if you do wrong by one of my friends, happily shit in your sink.  I eat as healthy as I can afford when I can keep my sweet tooth in check, & once in a while I do the slaughtering & butchering myself because if I’m not able to do it with my own hands then I have to question why I’m okay paying someone else to do it for me.  I think it’d be a swiftly better world if we all adopted the guideline: “I won’t benefit from others doing what I’m not able & willing to do myself.”  I haven’t done the math to check whether that would just end exploitation, or whether it would actually trigger the infocalypse/eschaton/proletariat-revolution/helter-skelter/rapture… Can someone with a higher degree in Algebra & Social Studies run the figures & get back to me?

If you’ve published a similar Identity Check, please let me know, I’d love to read it.

Thanks for the inquiry,

Mister Double You


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