GA Minutes: 11.28.11

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Oakland General Assembly


Approximate Start Time:____6:45___pm

Approximate Head Count: ____104________

Notes by: AJ


Topic: Brainstorming Creative Actions to Take the Movement Forward

Major takeaways:

  • Start a Defense Committee responsible for coming up with non-violent tactics. This Committee will be responsible for defending our ‘occupation’ or ‘vigil’.
  • Community gardens to feed and beautify the diverse communities of Oakland.
  • Legal and permanent indoor space for the GA so that the elderly, people with children, and those who do not wish to sit in the cold/rain will attend.
  • Continuing our work on foreclosed homes but in a creative way, that avoids breaking the law and has positive effects for the owners.
  • Be willing to turn in members who break the law.
  • More artistic actions such as the floating tent at OccupyCal.
  • More small autonomous groups.
  • Doing things that speak to individual communities.


  • Tree People: Have been up in the tree for 16 days. They have survived a 900 person [unintelligible]. Have a lawyer but need more support.
  • Future Youth: Sunday at 1PM first meeting. Contact: Discuss rebuilding the children’s village and teenage participation in Occupy Oakland.
  • Events: Wednesday’s GA @6pm Fruitvale Plaza. Vigil Tomorrow @12pm. Meetings for Events Committee at 4PM at the Brown Couch Cafe.
  • General Assembly: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 12PM by the North Plaza Trees, meet about GA involvement and facilitating. This Saturday (December 3rd) from 3PM to 6PM at the Holdout, 2331 San Pablo, there will be a training.
  • Kitchen: Desire to set up everyday 2PM to 10PM. Meetings Wednesday at 2PM [address not given]. Pass the word to people who want to cook…ect. Contact or Leela 510 860-0449.
  • Local Business Liason: Monday and Friday at 4PM at the Rising Loafer. Contact: Network with the local business community.
  • Reclamation Resource Center: Wednesday and Friday at 4PM on the North Steps. Working to reclaim abandoned homes reclaimed by banks and move people back in.
  •  Shut Down Alec Group: Rally on Wednesday at Fruitvale Plaza for 1 hour. Contact:
  • Supply Committee: Found items from past events being saved for their owners. Meetings Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 3pm on the North Steps.
  • Anti Repression Committee: Meetings 15th and Broadway at SF Pizza. Contact:



1. Occupy Oakland Buy Local Campaign. Boycott large corporations. Local gift cards to be given this holiday season. Publish a list of businesses that support Occupy Oakland. Development of slogans and PR in co-operation with the Local Media Committee.

Questions: In regards to list of local businesses, how are we defining “support Occupy Oakland”? Will this include local businesses that are non-profit?

Answer: A list of businesses has been composed who are willing to publically acknowledge their support for Occupy Oakland. Local and independent Business keeps money with-in our community.

Pros: Employees of businesses included in the list are fairly unlike large businesses. This includes local businesses in a dialog with Occupy Oakland.

Cons: This is not a proposal against capitalism, it is just opposed to capitalist big businesses. Even if you take money out of big business, small businesses will strive to become big businesses, and take on their practices. If we are going to say “fuck capitalism”, then let’s stick by that.

Response: People are going to buy things. You bought the shoes you are wearing, you will buy the food you will eat. You need to think about where these products are coming from. Think about where it is your money going and who are you supporting.


YES: 74.6%

NO: 25.4%


Proposal was pulled by the proposers.


 Overview: 2. Tactical Action Committee has a proposal for the GA to recognize them as an actual committee. They were responsible for the action at 19th and Linden last week, and more actions could be taken soon if they had funding, support from Occupy Oakland.

Questions: What are some specific examples of actions being planned? How will the committee work with the GA so that the movement does not get dragged into the mud, unintentionally? Is committee going to be open in terms of committee times and have a consensus? What does recognition mean and what does it do to the autonomy of your actions?

Answers: Organizing and running it will be done by the committee. They will get approval and take action. This action will be non-violent and within the law. Not able to discuss actions at the GA because the police will be listening. If you are interested in what actions this committee will take, go to meetings or talk to them after the GA.

Pros: They deserve support because they are “getting shit done”. They are a visible presence in the Occupy Oakland movement.

Cons: None


YES: 73

NO: 3


PERCENTAGE: 96% Yes.  This proposal has passed.

Overview:3.  Proposal to Adopt occupy SF Declaration. We should reject the land permit process. Occupy movements should be in solidarity, you cannot evict an idea.

Below Quorum so we can’t vote. To be put at top of list at next GA meeting (Wednesday the 30th) in Fruitvale at 6PM.


The Tactical Action Committee is the newest Committee. They confer amongst themselves for about 3 minutes and then announce that they are taking over          Burger King and McDonalds next Sunday at 10am.

Saturday: Computer nerds, please note there is an open door day. Analyzing open information. Contact:

Last week a proposal was passed to retake the plaza. There is a vigil starting at 11AM at OGP on Tuesday.

Port workers in Egypt refused to unload a shipment of weapons made in the USA.

Thursday is World AIDS day. Starting 730PM candlelight vigil. At 12PM testing

women for HIV.

Civic Engagement Discussion Group. Political action based on respectful dialog. Tuesday 730PM Café Trieste, Piedmont Ave. Oakland

Laney College is hosting Angela Davis and Clarence Thomas Wednesday @7PM

Amendment 28 would like you support to create a 28th Amendment to the Constitution, to ask congress to help fix a myriad of inequalities. They are on FaceBook as Amendment28.




CLOSING: ______830________pm


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