General Assembly reconvenes in plaza with 2000 marchers

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After a pre-dawn eviction operation involving hundreds of police from many jurisdictions Occupy Oakland regrouped this afternoon on the steps of the Oakland Main Library at 4 pm.  The occupiers began marching shortly before 5 pm with about 1000 marchers. The march  reached the plaza at 14th and Broadway with over 2000 people and immediately convened a General Assembly.  At first occupiers used the human mic, repeating each phrase in waves across the crows but within the hour amplification was in place and as of 6:30 pm an assembly is underway.

The mood is upbeat with several speakers talking about future actions including a support march to Cal Occupy at U.C. Berkley Tuesday  November 15 and a major march for Saturday November 19 at 2 pm.

Come on down to 14th and Broadway and help shape the future of Occupy Oakland and the Occupy movement.


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