Boycott all Chamber of Commerse Members in Oakland/Berkeley

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I am Dan McMullan and for many years now I have been using sleep-outs and

Tent Cities to bring about change. The last one being ArnieVille last summer in

Berkeley that has been called the longest continuous protest by a disabled group

in U.S. history. The one thing that has been a constant through-out is the enmity

of the Chamber of Commerse. Behind every beating, ticket, jailing and broken

tents, awnings and bones is the Chamber of Commerse demanding police state

action against the very people that they want buying from their “look the other way”

merchants. We need to boycott every member that support the fascists of the Chamber

of Conmen. They drive the politicians, that drive the police, and the untold suffering

of millions of the dispossessed. I cannot think of many actions in my life that didn’t

come about by the mechinizations of the Chamber. They are always anxious to set

the blame firmly on the heads of the poor and downtrodden, the easy marks instead

of greedy landlords (which are often themselves) and a ugly police presence that no one

wants to shop in and is brought on by themselves. Yes the 1% are behind some gate

somewhere, but the Chamber is at City Hall, right now. Begging the Mayor to send

out the troops to kill you.

That is the God’s honest truth.    Boycott every single member of the Chamber of Commerse.


2 Responses to “Boycott all Chamber of Commerse Members in Oakland/Berkeley”

  1. mindy

    I applaud your stance and I am going to reach out to those who are paid members of C0C and ask them to drop their membership w/ the Chamber and give them reasons why.


  2. john seal

    Mr. McMullan, you may want to edit your comment to correct the misspellings of the word ‘commerce’.