A Koch and a Smile

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A Koch and a Smile

The vilification of the Koch Brothers on the left side of American Politics has lost it’s mind. Yes, these billionaires are part of the radical right wing. They fund Citizen United the group whose name is synomous with the ‘Citizen United’ ruling that declared corporation ‘persons’ and cleared the way for 2 individuals of the 1% to spend millions of dollars to buy politicians. It is true that the Koch brothers have financed Pro-life causes, Defense of Marriage initiatives and Union Busting state legislation. These progressive ‘post-racial’ right wing avatars even allow their ‘boi’ Herman Cain to call them ‘brother’ as long as it is made clear that he is ‘from another mother’.

With all of this being true, the Koch brothers are still a product of the society that produced every single protester and the Occcupy movement en tout. According to our laws they are not criminals. Let us not forget, that the United States is a country where it has been said of “law-and-order” that our legislation is equal as demonstrated by the fact that it prohibits ‘the poor and the rich alike from sleeping under bridges and stealing bread.’

As distasteful as it maybe, the Koch Brothers are exercising the same legal rights to participate in our society as those that make it possible for Occupy protest without the slaughter of protesters that is taken place in Syria. Everytime we took money out of our wallets or swiped a debit or credit card, the 99% made an investment in the 1% of the millonairs that are now using those millions to exercise their Constitutional Rights of participting in our democracy.

The imperative of the 99% as it evolves into a National Convention:July 2012 in Philedelphia is to ammed the Constitution of the United Statees of America as allowed for in Arcticle V of our precious docment.

1787 Occupy Manifesto blog.erace-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/1787-Occupy-Manifesto1.pdf

Every word of this document – except those between [ ] – is taken from the Antifederalist Papers written and published between 1787-1789 to protest the architecture of the current dysfunctional government.

(Antifederalist No. 4 – 1788) No government can flourish unless it be founded on the affection of the people. (Antifederalist No. 26 -1788) There are many among you that will not be led by the nose by rich men, and would scorn a bribe. Rich men can live easy under any government, be it ever so tyrannical. They come in for a great share of the tyranny, because they are the ministers of tyrants, and always engross the places of honor and profit, while the greater part of the common people are led by the nose, and played about by these very men, for the destruction of themselves and their class. Be wise, be virtuous, and catch the precious moment as it passes, to refuse this [dysfunctional] federal government, and extricate yourselves and posterity from tyranny, oppression, aristocratical or monarchical government.

FR12  CLICK HERE FOR MAP OF ROUTE blog.erace-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/FR12.pdf

FR12 Bus route across middle ‘America’ to National Convention
Passes (seat) on FR12 are handed out by GAs in each State
On line sponsor auction of seats at determined price per seat to subsidize cost

(HI) Kick-off rally event in Birth Place of Obama
(UT) Rally in state of Mitt Romney
(KS) Issue Rally to protest recent assaults on ‘Choice’ and ‘Sexuality’
(OH) Get-out the vote rally in key battle ground State
(PA) Rally for Occupy Movement and National Convention

Freedom fighters from 1964 Civil Rights Movement (CRM) ride along and attend National Convention to hand off the touch of freedom to the current Occupy Movement (OM).

Leaders of the 1964 CRM Julian Bond, Jesse Jackson, John Lewis, Joseph Lowery, MLK III, etc attend and address each rally.

Families across ‘America’ in each State – Adopt a Bus by agreeing to allow passengers safe harbor and passage through their communities and States (Food, Shelter and Solidarity- FSS).

We The People Initiative -blog.erace-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/We-The-People1.pdf

This proposal does not dictate how the ‘The People’s Act’ and ‘Amendment XXVIII’ should read but rather suggests how the demands and the concerns of protesters can be written and passed into law.

‘We the People of the United States of America’
– in order to form a more perfect union. . .

– Initiative to form a consensus of our collective interests that distils the aims and specific demands of ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests into two pieces of legislation designed for submission to the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate for two separate up-or-down votes.


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