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GA Minutes: 11.23.11

Oakland General Assembly 11/23/11 Arrival Time:  6:30 Approximate Head Count: 117 WELCOME FORUM (I was not present for the whole forum) COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS (6:55 pm)  Black Friday Shenanigans: We are meeting late at night at 40th and Hollis in Emeryville at 11:45pm.  We will work morning shifts all the way up until the Shellmound protest.  Contact: lauren.riot@gmail.com. Business Liaison:  On Friday we’ll party here to support local businesses.  We want to attract attention to Mama Buzz Café.  They are at risk of losing their lease and may have to move due … Continued


From which well-known Time-Traveler?

FROM THE FUTURE…   Looking back not far away and to your ‘present’ seems you might be stuck   Nature of the Dilemma   In your present, the ‘Occupy’ movement wanes- lacking sense of direction, and absent clear objectives.  If ‘clarity’ begs consensus,  it will be violence emerging to fill the void. Violence will become inextricably associated with the cause… Police will be ‘police’, they will share little blame.  It will all have meant… NOTHING!   Do not fall for it… Do not allow this to happen!   Remember these … Continued


Where the rubber hits the road: Taking back Occupy’s past from the 1%

That the Occupy movement has been talked about in the mainstream media and that at least a third of Americans support it is a huge victory in itself. The Occupy movement is far from a fringe movement or a fad. Let’s put it this way, about 45 years ago, the counterculture in the United States really took off. People are still talking about it and its effects were profound in our society. Just ask any hard-core conservative. My cousin Robbie will tell you that everything went to hell thanks to … Continued


passa des exercices de la guerre à ceux de la paume

é académique et de la Faculté des lettres de l\’Université de Genève.Le titre de cet ouvrage Bottes Ugg Kopixt>cuip àvôpi peut se transcrire koryphaioi andri et se traduire «Pour un homme des cimes».9 locovv 33-22 : \”Koryphaioi andri\”. Mélan ISBN Œuvre : 978-2-600-00944-7www.droz.orgISBN: 2-600-00944-2 ISSN: 1422-7606Copyright 2005 by Librairie Droz S.A., 11, rue Massot, Genève.Ail rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or translated in any form, by print, photoprint, microfilm, microfiche Moncler or any other means without written permission.9782600009447L 26. —LES DliS ET LES ÉCHECSjouait-il fort … Continued


égoire de Nazianze à propos de lui-même

égoire de Nazianze à propos de lui-même », dans A. D. Laza-ridis Nik Air Max V. Barras T. Birchler, BOTKOAEIA, Mélanges offerts à Bertrand Bouvier, Genève 1995,85-90.51. « Introduccion » à Esquilo, La Orestfa, Prometeo Encatenado (traduction de José Maria Coco Ferraris), Buenos Aires 1995,7-23.52. « 118 : Hymne homérique à Dionysos », dans P. Schubert, Les papyrus de Genève, troisième volume, n° 118-146, avec des contributions de R. Duttenhofer, D. Fausti, A. E. Hanson, A. Hurst, J. Rudhardt, P. J. Sijpesteijn, Cl. Wehrli, Genève 1996, 15-20.53. «Ispirazione alessandrina pickyourshoes … Continued


Cela tient d\’abord à l\’idéologie stoïcienne du vengeur

Mannerism, op. cit., p. 83.Venet, le schéma traditionnel de la vengeance implique UGG Pas Cher une symétrie de type rituel qui, dans le cas de la tragédie de vengeance jacobéenne, devient une «structure bloquée»35. Pour Chapman, le blocage semble être d\’ordre moral, puisqu\’il est impossible «d\’égaliser des valeurs, ou des pertes de valeurs»36. Cela tient d\’abord à l\’idéologie stoïcienne du vengeur, qui refuse le rituel symétrique de la vengeance: «Shall we revenge a villanie with villanie?» (III, ii, 96), demande-t-il à sa sœur, qui a, elle, construit sa vie autour … Continued


du moins pas sous cette forme

Lectures at Trinity Collège, Cambridge (1926), et The Turnbull Lectures at the Moncler Johns Hopkins University ( 1933), Londres: Faber and Faber, 1993, pp. 151-152).118 Tableau des passions humaines, op. cit., p. 48.119 Op. cit., p. 44.120 Essays, op. cit., Essay lvii, p. 166.121 Renaissance Tragedy and UGG Femme the Senecan Tradition, op. cit., pp. 94-98.jacobéennes, et en particulier celles de Chapman, où s\’opposent un monde corrompu et «rhypertrophie morale» des défenseurs d\’un certain ordre.Dans le théâtre médiéval, les forces allégorisées du bien et du Doudoune Moncler Pas Cher mal … Continued


translate and edit those pages which are published here

Books, Bodmin, CornwallAcknowledgementsMany people and a number of institutions have been involved in bringing this project to fruition. I would like to Doudoune Moncler thank Hélène Cixous for her generosity in allowing me Doudoune Moncler to read through her writing notebooks, for her kind permission to allow me to publish this selection from them, and for the time she gave to record an interview and to answer my questions. This book would not have happened without her unstinting support. The award of a Leverhulme Research Fellowship from The Leverhulme Trust … Continued


Giving thanks

To all the courageous, clever and determined Occupiers– thank you. 7526


“It’s Not What It Looks Like”

I know this has been kicking around the gay internet for the past few days, but it’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and there’s not much going on and you need to look at porn before you go back to mom’s house, right? Right! Here’s a gay porn movie that was filmed during the Occupy Oakland protests. New York-based homosexual smut peddler Dirty Boy Video put out a video called “Occupy My Throat” in which two hippie-ish twinks, who look like they might really be fighting income inequality and criminality of the … Continued