Why Should I Pay More Taxes to Support the War Machine

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I am a member of the 1% (and just as a point of order, it is the 6/10 of 1% that gained most of the wealth generated by the bubble economy of the Bush II Years), but why ask me or anyone to pay more taxes to support our war machine? Where are the demands that we stop making war in the Middle East, and cut the Defense budget in order to start (re)building schools, roads, bridges, alternative energy facilities and so on here at home? Why continue pay more taxes to fund the very war-based industrial system that has produced staggering inequalities in income? Did you know that of the 9 counties with greatest increases in income over the last five years, all nine have large concentrations of defense/security firms?  The Port of Oakland, which hopefully gets shut down, is a major exporter of defense hardware.  Raise my taxes….I’d just as soon become a tax conscientious objector than pour more money into war.


3 Responses to “Why Should I Pay More Taxes to Support the War Machine”

  1. MattHawk

    The way I see it, it isn’t about the money, It’s about the people. Not everyone in that 1% is guilty of injustice to our society. It’s the ones who are spending their money to manipulate the system for personal benefits that are to blame. When companies like PG&E own a monopoly and them get $2.1 billion back in taxes, it shows the world that something is wrong with this system.

    Even still it’s not all of 1 percentiles fault, thats not how corruption works. It works by having weak people in office who are willing to take bribes.

    The system is flawed, and it needs to be fixed.

    So like I said before, why not apply yourself to this movement? Afterall, it’s not going to end anytime soon, I doubt our government will be willing to fix itself. Why should they? They are benifiting from the corruption.

  2. MattHawk

    Then if you feel that way join the movement.. It’s more then just taxes.. This is about corruption.

    So ask yourself this, what can you do to help end the corruption? If you are in the top 1% then why not spend some of that money to support the occupy movement?