Pledge to Teach about Occupy Oakland! Access & Submit Materials!

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Occupy Oakland’s Education Committee calls on educators in the Bay Area and around the world to teach about this movement! Pledge now to Teach Occupy Oakland!

10/31-11/4 including 11/2 General Strike Day of Action
@ Schools or Alternative Locations

We encourage teachers to use this time to teach about:
•    The Occupy Movement
•    The role of strikes in movement history
•    The systems and issues this movement is protesting against
•    The possibilities for change this movement is part of envisioning
•    What students need to know about how to stay safe during protests*
*We especially urge all teachers whose students will be attending protests to teach a “know your rights” & protest safety lesson on Monday or Tuesday.  Check out the materials database link below for resources.*

Join the Movement! Pledge to teach about Occupy Oakland:

Find resources and lesson plans for teaching Occupy Oakland by checking out the Teach Occupy Oakland Materials Database (updated every few hours):

Submit lesson plans and materials to share with other teachers by completing this form:

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