General Strike Endorsements

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  1. victronix

    Below is the Endorsement Statement of Occupy Oakland from the Green Party of Alameda County:


    The Green Party of Alameda County endorses Occupy Oakland and all other Occupy Wall Street actions in cities across the nation. The nonviolent, decentralized, consensus-based nature of the Occupy Wall Street actions resonates deeply with the 10 Key Values of the Green Party, as well as participants’ clear commitment to social justice, grassroots democracy and local/global responsibility.

    As former Green Party of California Gubernatorial Candidate, Peter Miguel Camejo, stated in his 2004 Avocado Declaration:

    “Every major gain in our history, even pre-Civil War struggles –such as the battles for the Bill of Rights, to end slavery, and to establish free public education– as well as those after the Civil War have been the product of direct action by movements independent of the two major parties and in opposition to them.”

    The Green Party of Alameda County also supports the ongoing, inclusive and grassroots participatory process by the Occupy Wall Street movement to create a series of proposed demands, such as a call for the implementation of universal health care and raising of the minimum wage. We applaud the solidarity that is emerging from these actions, among students, workers, labor unions, small business owners, and others.

    As a party dedicated to building a progressive social movement, the Green Party of Alameda County sees Occupy Oakland and the Occupy Wall Street actions as a welcome harbinger of changes to come.

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