High School Walkout Propaganda

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Click for pdf and more shoes!

This message is for the outreach committee:

I’m a student at UC Berkeley and I was at the GA today. UC Berkeley
folks are planning a walkout/occupation for Nov. 9th and one of my
comrade’s made some great artwork for a poster/flyer that I think
would work well for getting high school and middle school students to
walk out for the General Strike. Below is a pdf with what it looks
like with the berkeley text, but also with those texts removed so that
you all can fill in the info on the General Strike. The file is
editable in adobe illustrator, or you can just do a low-fi addition
with maker or pen. I hope the outreach committee puts those $20,000
from Occupy NY to good use and prints a shit ton of propaganda!

In Solidarity,



3 Responses to “High School Walkout Propaganda”

  1. conches

    A month after 9/11 I helped to organize an open mike event for students in SF “Speak on It”. It was well received. I suggest that as an alternative.

  2. conches

    As a former teacher (10 yrs) a school walkout is a very powerful and impactful thing to do. However, without buy-in from educators (which is possible) an student groups the chaos that is created could significantly damage this movement.

  3. supafishal

    Is Nike part of the 99% or the 1%? Does having middle schoolers and high schoolers leave class help the 99% or the 1%? It is time to focus. The movement is at risk of being swallowed by the trend. Rethink your tactics and focus on acheivable goals. Boycott the financial institutions. Boycott big agriculture. Keep the kids in school.