General Assembly Minutes 10/17/2011

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General Assembly 10/17/2011 Occupy Oakland

1. Open Forum

-How to deal with issue’s of Respect?

-no touching with out consent

-people need sleep to function

-empathy for each person’s world view

-Clean up

-Accessibility of the walk ways

-SF raided last night

75 riot police under the pretext of park regulations raided camp and stuff was taken. One person was hospitalized, several were beaten including a medic.

SF Needs people tonight, expects to be raided again. Also needs supplies, batteries, water etc.

-Not being heard people not listening to each other and allowing each other to value their different experiences

-More Respect the process of democracy/consensus desired

-Preparedness for eventual raid. Not being intoxicated. Not knowing how to defend themselves and others from the police.

2. Committee Announcements

Outreach: Meets at 3:30pm.

-Plans to make info packets to give people a sense of what we do.

-Actions throughout Oakland with groups already serving Oakland.


Workers group: Build worker co-op to fund this occupation 6pm

Events: Meet at 11am,  info on board by Info tent. Updated Daily

Homeless youth committee: 11am Tuesdays and Thursdays

Nonviolence caucus: @6 by Children’s Village.

-How ppl can respond nonviolently when there are issues going on that are disturbing them

Logistics: meeting 9:30am near north plaza by trees.

-Removal of Magic Tower. Peer Support & mediation.

-Discussion of the process of facilitation.

Safer Spaces committee: Behind medic supply tent.

-Wearing green arm bands.

-Peer support and confrontations. Will not break up fights however.

-Everyone should be involved in anti oppression work as well.

-Meeting tomorrow at 5, if changes will be written on the board.

Med team: check in at 6pm.

-Reminder to clean up after dogs, sanitations issues. Keep shoes on, wash hands and sanitize.

-Distributing first aid kits.

-Not a primary care area. For serious injuries please must go to doctor/hospital/etc.

-Supply needs: two walkie talkies, head lamps for helping people at night.

Raheime brown free school:

-Yoga at 8am amphitheater.

-Aquaponic organic gardening @ 4.

-5pm history of Black Panthers.

-Wednesday 3-6 martial arts techniques.

-Friday 5pm Ken Nab workshop on occupation

-TBA members of The Commemorator (Black Panther news paper) talk—check wipe bored for details.

-Conflict and mediation/resolution tomorrow—check wipe board for details.

-Supply needs: book shelves, table and folding chairs, books on Oakland history, brochures racks, people to photocopy brochures

Supply tent: Wears black arm bands.

-To get a tent in advance put name down on supply tent.

-If need a tent immediately go to info tent for spaces available.

Media: 3 and 9pm tonight talk about frequency of meetings.

-Need more people.

-Mainstream media free zone.

-Ethics of Media

3. Action announcements: autonomous actions that maybe planned

-Need ppl to go to occupy sf movement

-Obama coming to town. Protesting Obama Oct 25th at 3rd n Howard

-need truck to pick up dirt for garden

-write occupy on paper money to circulate message

-queer march tomorrow at 5pm meet at the info tent.

-First tent has been pitched at Snow Park. 19th n Harrison. Invite more campers to come down and expand with us. Expansion committee.

-Oakland city council meeting tomorrow Tues Oct 18th public comment on any subject is permitted. Sign up at eloquent, precise, comment.

4. Proposals

-Proposed letter to the Mayor in response to the letter sent to us on Oct 16th.

Should we send letter or not?

Should we form a committee to edit the letter to something everyone on will like?

End of notes, but not end of meeting. Due to technical difficulties I was not able to get the end of the GA. Does anyone have the answer to the proposal? What exactly was voted on concerning the letter? What was the answer?
Any other proposals?



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  1. interested

    a number of people expressed pro and con statements. then there was a bit of a commotion about whether voting on the question of sending a letter was consistent with the group’s process, and finally it was put to a vote. about 100+ people voted for sending a letter in response, and 40+ voted against, which meant that the proposal did not pass.

    there were no other proposals.

    i left when there were still general announcements being made.