GA Minutes: 10.24.11

Categories: Announcements, Open Mic, Reflections

General Assembly


Approximate Start Time: 7:20 pm

Approximate Head Count: 130


Terms: FORUM is an open discussion centered around a topic that is affecting the group.  COMMITTEE ANNOUNCEMENTS are updates and reminders by committee reps.  GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS are open announcements under unspecified topics. PROPOSALS are items that are voted upon.  ???? denotes sections that were unclear or confusing to transcribe.  Italicized sections are my thoughts.  All bullet points are essential points made by speakers.


FORUM: How do we move forward in protecting the camp and increasing in number?

  • We need more people on the perimeter and more people on bikes monitoring the area.
  • We need intentional centralized kitchens and programs.  We need to get out to the people and talk to the people out there in Oakland.  We need to occupy homes that have been foreclosed upon or are vacant.
  • We need to reach out to existing organizations committed to this cause.
  • Decide how you lose.  Decide how you will be perceived.  Sometimes there is no time for consensus – things need to be centralized.  It might help if you start this over again and intentionally structure leadership and decision-making.
  • We need to come together, and unify.  We can come up with creative ways.  Everyone can contribute; it doesn’t matter!
  • People are going to burn out – we need to make affinity groups so that we can share the load and share the information.  We have to be able to care for ourselves, and our own lives outside of this movement.
  • The faith community can be more deeply involved, even if you don’t share those beliefs.  We all have similar goals.
  • We need to organize the outside supporters who aren’t involved directly in the camp.  We need to do more outreach to different workers’ groups and different people.
  • Engage the public in dialogue and get them involved.  Do this intentionally.  Think of token actions to get the public involved in some small part.
  • Get all people involved.  If you squat, do it strategically.  People on probation should not be here.  For people who can occupy, do it.  Plan and strategize.
  • We need more actions: make fare-free zones and work with the drivers . We need GA’s every night because it’s a political tool.  That needs to be re-voted upon.  We have political organizing meetings scheduled, but no one went.  We need to generate political content – and that is how we can move forward.  People need to organize neighborhood assemblies, create proposals that mean something to them, and have people come here.
  • Occupy more spaces (other parks, banks, buildings, etc).
  • First Congregational Church has opened its kitchen to Occupy Oakland.  Food Not Bombs uses it every Tuesday to cook.
  • People need to actively sign up people on notebooks – don’t ask people to come, get them to sign up.  People need to plug in.  It’s time to expand.  The bigger movement is out there.  We need to develop propaganda.  We need to show the city where they are coming up short.
  • Send messages to everyone we know.  Utilize technology – FB, twitter, email.  Send a letter to Mayor Quan so that this peaceful occupation can stay here.  Don’t be reluctant to talk to the city.  Try to come to an agreement.
  • This is just the beginning – even if we lose this spot, this is just the beginning.  This is a popular movement.  Call Jean Quan (510-238-3141).
  • Consider other ways to improve the area.
  • Reach out to organizations who can support what the camp can’t handle – substance issues, emotional challenges, etc.
  • Treat everyone like they belong; be friendly.  We should have a Friday noon meeting – that’s a proposal I may make later on, so talk it up.
  • Show up!  Give your feedback.



  • Safer Spaces: We have been talking with folks – we want to implement some policies and interventions that we all agree upon.
  • Security Report Back: Defend the camp.  If you are on probation, you probably shouldn’t participate.  If the defense doesn’t work, we will stay in the streets and retake the plaza.  If that doesn’t work, we will meet 4pm on the library steps.
  • Stop School Closures: Meet on Wednesday, 3:15; March to Mosswood and meet larger march at 4:15.  March to Oakland Tech for a board meeting at 5pm, regarding school closure.
  • Women, Trans, Queer Tent: Do not comment on appearance, do not command women to do things for you, no means no, go away means go away.  Speak up if you witness inappropriate behavior..
  • Open Forum Committee: We will meet after GA.  We will be setting up on Forum days at 6:45 – come and talk to us.
  • Free School: Join us for workshops or plan a workshop.
  • Media: Affirm that this is a leaderless and decentralized movement.  Ask mediapersons to check in at info tent.  If you want us to send out a press release, come to us to release some media.  We meet after GA at the media tent.
  • Facilitator’s Working Group: Meet daily at 12:00 noon.
  • Healing Committee: Come to our tent for meditation and massage.
  • Coordinating Committee: Meet every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.  (time???)



  • Come and meet us and have lunch with us while Obama has his expensive lunch in SF.  11am @ Howard and 3rd Street.  I’ll pass out flyers.
  • Turn the Whitehouse Green: we have some actions planned – Call the White House each Monday.  Come and call with me now.  Look for us on the web.


  • Clean up after yourselves.  Help people when you see them working.  Keep this place clean – people are disgusted.  Treat everyone like they belong; be friendly.  We should have a Friday noontime General Assembly to get the workers out here at lunchtime– that’s a proposal I may make later on.  Talk about it now and see what you think.



No proposals tonight.





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