Camp meeting notes 10/13

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For now this is just going here in a post… soon we’ll have it more organized. Camp meeting notes from Thursday 10/13:

refresher on our hand signals on how to contribute to the process of
the meeting on our consensus process.

…camp logistics discussion. Political vision space (human mic
speakout at 10:15 on stars by stage).


Info tent is set up poster to write what your event is and time etc. if
you want to list something

Consent poster made….asking for small donation to make more anyone
who wants one.

Medical and kids report: Transport to drive someone to hospital who
needs care. Kids area please refrain from smoking and substance use.

Arts tent….. talk w/ schools to invite them to come and participate

Porta potty 140 a day to keep them cleaned daily. WE NEED DAILY
CLEANING….140 A DAY NEED SUPPORT collected $ 72.70 so far when passing
the hat around.

Discussion of people needing medical attention off our site bring them
up to first aid to see if we can help first before getting medical from

Need a proposal for discussion of substance use on our campsite.

Report back on radio 5 people from Berkeley radio reporting on what’s
going on at all times now. Suggested we need rallies all day to
encourage and outreach all the time. City hall and our square to invite

Report back on groups:

Medical: be careful of hydration keep drinking water. Need personnel w/
staffing needs.

Events: tonight boots reilly playing tonight and tomorrow a special
guest. We might have 1000 to 2k people attending…we need everyone to
be a part of a committee….security, food etc… so it can be safe and

Media: working on feedline for streaming live online. BL in process of
working w/ this process. Need generator

Supplies: nothing pressing urgent…..porta potty cleaning. Plywood and
hay bales to keep ground dry. Warehouse offered some supplies. Brian w/
suppy tent. We can go and pick out what we want and they will deliver
us. Tents seven bails of hay

Kid zone… no report

Outreach: small…need more street artists and people

Sign ups for committee is in the info tent please sign up for a


Thanks for being respectful we are not going to push the tarp items
onto polls. Can’t have mattresses on the plaza putting out debris
boxes in all 4 corners recycling bins in cooking tent. Fire dept.
concerned w/ how it is set up…not punitive but safety concerns on how
it is set up. Burners under tent is dangerous (flammable tents)
electrical plugs to poles. Cut off electricity or stop using pole
outlets on our own.

How can we help. Clarifying questions only to Arturo please:

Arturo: Will ask water cleaning people to be respectful of where they
are cleaning in the a.m. away from tents

Question: Discussion last night for electrical access to use for
campsite. Medical only purposes.

Arturo: Sending a request to the city to talk about our needs and will
get back w/ us.

Question: What are regulations on having a public park w/ restrooms.

Arturo: There are various park considerations and restrictions
depending on size & function of park. The City Hall does have city
bathrooms for public use and public are allowed to use them but please
be respectful of our custodial staff in the building : ) they are doing
a great job of cleaning up the perimeter of the park.

Question: Can we help out city staff in the a.m.?

Arturo: Yes, there are brooms/sweeper stuff for use….he will bring
that to the city to discuss to us possibly helping out.

Arturo: City property is cement area…(sorry missed what the grass
park area is).We reserve the right to change our minds at any time
time/place for use….safety is priority for all people.

Why is city admin. rep. skipped….they must come to our morning
meeting to participate.


Gardening committee…..what is the interest in it? Free skool is
interested in doing something….check w/ them. Thru workshop tent find
info. For place/time to discuss this.

Brief mention of issue of extending our encampment and need to create a
map and making paths thru the camp for safety.

Sanitation and how to deal w/ it and liasons w/ cleaning co. UPDATE:
teachers will add 2 or 3 more toilets and service them for us. 11 a.m.

Graffiti with substance use


Security ken gone for the day….is jaspe r around….need more people
to sign up for shifts…police and private security coming thru camps…
go and politely ask to leave our space. Please sign up at info tent.
Let’s beef it up tonight for the music show. Tents….be on the
lookout for neighbors stuff….

Need bags for clothes and a space for collecting (fresh free shirts

External security vs. internal and how to respond to problems leading
to violence. Safer spaces meeting at 3 p.m. to maybe make a mediation
team within the camp. Water fountain at 3 today.

Sanitation issue: OEA will be serviced today. The service was supposed
to come at 7 a.m. OEA has the account and they must deal w/ the co. we
need work out how to deal w/ com. Directly not thru OEA. Proposal for
compost toilet….. use city facility during the day and open only at
night when city is closed.

PROPOSAL : make a sign to post signs on portables asking to use city
hall bathrooms during the day when open to us all.

There is now a committee for sanitation.

City is ok w/ us now but mostly sanitation could be an issue. Keep it
clean. We have permission to use the city bathroom.

Amendment: working group to build toilets and one to follow up w/
keeping portable ones going.

EXPANSION: we need a time for people to talk about this issue. When do
people want to talk about meeting to talk about this? Meet after this
meeting to map out our space. NOON FOR INFASTRUCTURE AND PLANNING
MEETING. Amendment: for this evening we empower that group to create
fire paths? Is there consensus? PASSES a rope was dropped thru the camp
to show where pallets were dropped.

We need exit routes for safety. If EMS has to come we need to have
paths to keep safe.


Logistics should discuss any finance issues leslie will discussion info
tent at 5 p.m.

Substance use and graffiti

Encampment and substance use….

A logistics issue rather than GA discussion. Make a flier w/ reasons
why we are asking people to not use sub. On the site. Use off the
platform. Not a big deal to use off the site. Why are we here. Safer
space is committee to work on this issue.

Kristen safer space speaks. At 3 today by water fountain discussion

Worried about one space off site drinking/etc…. so we set the tone.


Going on around our space…..permanent material vs. chalk…… impt.
To keep in solidarity w/ city workers to respect them and their work to
keep area clean. Festivals encourage graffiti using materials to do our
art on. Encouraging artists to come and join us and inspire
art…outreach committee at 2 by supply tent today. Propose bringing
ideas concerns to this meeting at 2 today.

10:30…am politics discussions daily at 14 and broadway

Facilitiation working group at noon today (to help w/ facilitation) of


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