Port of Oakland

Picket of the Zim Shanghai continues!: Saturday 4:30-5PM W.Oakland BART–End the Siege of Gaza

We stopped the ZIM from unloading this morning, let’s keep the pressure on this afternoon! Folks will gather at the West Oakland BART, at 4:30 PM if you are marching, at 5 PM for a carpool to the picket.  Previous POST: ALERT: The Zim Shanghai has changed its estimated arrival back to Saturday (September 27th) AM.  The critical picket is back to 5 AM Saturday, 9/27. Gather at W. Oakland BART. We will still be at W. Oakland BART at 5pm tonight to meet anybody who wishes to help plan … Continued


Port Truckers Solidarity Cookout – Photos/Videos –

Oakland Supports Port Truckers! . 2013/11/02 Video 15: Port Truckers Solidarity Cookout – Oakland, California   2013/11/02 Video 14: Port Truckers Solidarity Cookout – Oakland, California Truck arriving to the Port of Oakland . 53704


Port Shutdown gets attention of Target, Walgreens, JCPenny, Crate & Barrel

Rocky shores: Representatives from Target, Walgreens, J.C. Penney, and Crate and Barrel tell Oakland port commissioners and staffers they’re prepared to bypass the city – and ship all their overseas merchandise through Los Angeles – if the locals can’t control the Occupy situation. The reps point out that 40 percent of their imports come through Oakland, and say last week’s shutdown cost their companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed shipping deadlines. Matier & Ross, http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/12/21/BA7S1MEUQE.DTL (12 Dec 2011) 13578