CSC Torture Flights, CSC Accounting Frauds, CSC Is In SF Next Week

We are seeking support for volunteers to help canvas and participate at Moscone Center in SF from Aug 27th to Aug 30th. For the VMWorld Conference and its Gold Sponsor CSC. Please see the background info bellow. Boycott CSC for the following reason: Crimes Against Humanity: CSC was responsible for the infamous CIA torture rendition ights across Europe. CSC chartered airplanes and facilitated the infamous torture of Khaled Al-Masri, a German Citizen. He was abducted and tortured onboard a plane provisioned by CSC. Investor Deception: In addition, CSC has deceived … Continued


TrapWire: Spying On YOU. Predicting YOUR Moves.

Ignored by corporate media, Wikileaks has exposed a CIA-linked Orwellian thoughtcrime surveillance network that goes far beyond “suspicious activity reporting”. )( TRAPWIRE: SPYING ON YOU. PREDICTING YOUR MOVES. “Hacked emails from the private intelligence firm Stratfor shed light on a global suspicious activity surveillance system called TrapWire that is reportedly in use in locations around the world from the London Stock Exchange to the White House. The emails [released by WikiLeaks] provide information on the extent and operations of a system designed to correlate suspicious activity reports and other evidence … Continued