Re-imagine the GA

The Re-Imagine the Occupy Oakland General Assembly Working Group is coordinating a gathering (or series of gatherings) to “Re-Imagine the General Assembly." We envision that planning a conference of the scope takes a lot of work, and the work of this group is to plan the gathering(s).
The scope of this working group will likely include some or all of the following:
(1) Logistics of the gathering(s) (date, time, location, food, childcare, etc);
(2) Planning the gathering agenda(s);
(3) Working with other OO committees;
(4) Administrative work of the group (Web presence, announcements, etc)
(5) Outreach to the greater OO community."

To help you decide where to participate, here are descriptions of the Working Group or the Gatherings:

- Working Group: The Working Group will meet to plan the Gatherings, and will not be addressing specific changes to the GA, which will be done during the Gatherings. The working group will make regular reports to the community at the General Assembly, and meeting minutes will be available online. The Working Group meets every Friday from 6:00-8:00pm at the Holdout (2313 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612).

- The Gatherings. In these large events, anyone in the community can participate in bringing and incorporating our desires, ideas, and solutions, as together we create and design a re-imagined GA. This will likely be done in stages. Invitations to the Gatherings will be distributed widely. The first Gathering will be held on June 16. At any time, you can send your ideas, suggestions, desires to

Re-Imagine the General Assembly Survey

GA Hand Raising

In preparation for re-imagining the General Assembly, we’d like to hear your thoughts about the GA.  Please take a couple minutes and tell us what you think in our survey: English: Spanish: Much feedback has been received about the Occupy Oakland General Assembly over the months. Some people find that the General Assembly works well as an effective decision-making process and as a community forum. Others feel that it is not serving the needs of everyone who may want to participate. We acknowledge that some have felt injured … Continued