Recalculating the Social Cost of Carbon @ Online
Mar 16 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Join a conversation with David Anthoff, Professor with UC Berkeley’s Energy & Resources Group, about his recent research on how to recalculate the social cost of carbon (SCC).

Anthoff helped create a roadmap for the Biden Administration to set an SCC in a way that is both scientifically rigorous and transparent; as well as specific suggestions including updating the way they calculate damage and including the inequitable effects of climate change.

The roadmap was published in the journal Nature last month.

The UC Berkeley Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment hosts this event, which will be moderated by  Berkeley Law Professor and CLEE Faculty Director Dan Farber

Register here

Yes on MACRO (Oakland) @ Online
Mar 16 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Electrify Your Ride @ Online
Mar 16 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Learn EV Basics.

We’ll review available electric vehicles, charging at home and on the road, incentives, total cost of ownership, and you’ll have the chance to ask the questions you’ve always wondered about EVs.

These are the following dates and times we are presenting.

Tuesday, March 16th, 7pm
Wednesday, March 24th, 12pm
Monday, March 29th, 5pm
Wednesday, April 14th, 7pm
Tuesday, April 20th, 4:30pm
Thursday, April 29th, 12:30pm


Public Bank of the East Bay @ ONLINE, VIA 'ZOOM'
Mar 16 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

We meet over Zoom. If you’d like to join us, and aren’t on our organizers’ list, drop us an email and we’ll send you an invitation.

If you would like to join the meeting early and get an introduction to the concepts of public banking, or more locally to who we are and what we do, please email us and we’ll see you online at 6:30.

Donate to keep us moving forward

It is the mission of Public Bank East Bay to provide community oversight and stewardship in the formation and functioning of the Public Bank of the East Bay to base its decisions on the values of:


PBEB is committed to a public bank which acknowledges and attempts restitution of the  historical burdens carried by disenfranchised communities, including  communities of color and many other marginalized groups.

Social Responsibility

Decisions regarding who gets loans, what projects get invested in, and who benefits should take into account investing our money into the wealth and health of local communities and the environment.


The bank is accountable to the  residents of the East Bay, who have a right to fully transparent explanations of  the Bank’s actions and choices.


The bank will be governed using  democratic processes which consciously and intentionally adhere to the values/principles listed above.


We have five committees working together to create a Public Bank in the East Bay:

  • Advocacy builds relationships with community groups and city governments.

  • Communications assists other committees with content creation and promotion.

  • Fundraising develops our organization’s budget and raises funds for our business plan.

  • Membership brings on new members and volunteers and organizes educational events.

  • Governance is responsible for operations and the execution of PBEB’s business plan.

Email us with your interests and we’ll help you find a way to get plugged in!


The California Public Banking Alliance (CPBA) is an organization of 12 member regions, not of individuals. You can join the CPBA mailing list (link at the Alliance website) to receive updates on state and sometimes national progress, which we will also include on this site.

Stop UC’s Eviction!
Mar 17 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Join us March 17 at 4pm at 1921 Walnut St in downtown Berkeley to protest UC’s planned evictions + demolition of our rent controlled homes. All are welcome! Help us SAVE 1921 Walnut St and save affordable housing in Berkeley! Share our poster & share our story.
Thank you


Re imagining Public Safety @ Online
Mar 17 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

We need your support on March 17 to show the mayor and OPD what’s right for Oakland.

Join us for the LAST MEETING of the Reimagining Public Safety Task Force!

On the table are some of the most forward-thinking proposals in the country. Thanks to our organizing, the Task Force advisory boards have proposed a set of bold, smart, transformative recommendations that will completely reimagine public safety in the Town. These proposals are overwhelmingly popular across Oakland’s communities.

But opponents aligned with the Mayor and OPD are fighting tooth and nail to thwart the people’s will, even engaging in a series of coordinated attacks against APTP and other BIPOC-led organizations in our Defund Police Coalition.

We are on the cusp of victory for our communities and we need YOUR SOLIDARITY! Join us.


Typically we have our monthly general meetings on the third Wednesday of every month, but we need a groundswell of community members to make SO MUCH NOISE at this final Task Force meeting that we drown out those who have forgotten or rejected the mandate of the Task Force: to defund OPD by 50% and invest in community services that actually keep us safe.

Please urge the Task Force to adopt the recommendations from our Defund Coalition Report. Add a personal touch to your comments when possible, as unique comments tend to have a greater impact.
Together, we forced the city to create this Task Force last summer to chart a course towards defunding OPD by 50% and refunding our communities. We hit the streets by the THOUSANDS. We gave HUNDREDS OF HOURS of public comment. Now we need EVERYONE to show out and push the Task Force over the finish line. Join us to DEMAND that the final recommendations they send on to City Council are as strong as possible. We will accept nothing less.

 le like you.

Oakland Privacy: Fighting Against the Surveillance State @ ONLINE, VIA 'ZOOM' - SEE BELOW
Mar 17 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Email a few days before the meeting to obtain Zoom meeting access info.

Join Oakland Privacy to organize against the surveillance state, police militarization and ICE, and to advocate for surveillance regulation around the Bay and nationwide.

op-logo.2.1We fight against spy drones, facial recognition, police body camera secrecy, anti-transparency laws and requirements for “backdoors” to cellphones; we oppose “pre-crime” and “thought-crime,” —  to list just a few invasions of our privacy by all levels of Government, and attempts to hide what government officials, employees and agencies are doing.

We draft and push for privacy legislation for City Councils, at the County level, and in Sacramento. We advocate in op-eds and in the streets. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and believe no one is illegal.

Check out some of what we worked on in 2020 and 2019.

Oakland Privacy originally came together in 2013 to fight against the Domain Awareness Center, Oakland’s citywide networked mass surveillance hub. OP was instrumental in stopping the DAC from becoming a city-wide spying network.  We helped fight and helped win the fight against Urban Shield.

Our major projects currently include local legislation to regulate state surveillance (we got the strongest surveillance regulation ordinance in the country passed in Oakland!), supporting and opposing state legislation as appropriate, battling mass surveillance in the form of facial recognition, mass aerial surveillance, and other analytics, and pushing back against ICE.

On September 12th, 2019 we were presented with a Barlow Award by the Electronic Frontier Foundation for our work, and on March 16th, 2021 s James Madison Freedom of Information Award by the Northern California Society of Professional Journalists.

If you are interested in joining the Oakland Privacy email listserv, coming to a meeting, or have questions, send an email to:

Check out our website:

Follow us on twitter: @oaklandprivacy



Oakland Privacy works regionally to defend the right to privacy and enhance public transparency and oversight regarding the use of surveillance techniques and equipment.  Oakland Privacy drove the passage of surveillance regulation and transparency ordinances in Oakland and Berkeley and is kicking off new processes in various municipalities around the Bay.  To help slow down the encroaching police and surveillance state all over the Bay Area, join us at the Omni.

Inside the Fight for Public Information @ Online
Mar 18 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am


In 2020, access to public information became even more challenging. Government at all levels cited the pandemic for refusing to respond to records requests. Yet news organizations across the country published essential accountability journalism, breaking through barriers to open government. Hear from journalists from The Advocate, The Brown Institute, plus a First Amendment Coalition attorney, on how they navigated barriers to public records to tell important stories about COVID-19, official misconduct and beyond.

Banking for All @ Online
Mar 18 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

JOIN US FOR THE AB 1177 ADVOCATES’ BRIEFING. Join us for a briefing call and learn more about this crucial new bill to help close the racial financial access gap.

Advocates’ briefing invite and Zoom registration link.

Nearly 1 in 4 Californians are unbanked or underbanked – they either do not have a baank account, or despite having a bank account, still largely rely on alternative financial services, such as payday lenders, prepaid debit cards, and pawn shops. The unbanked and underbanked pay more for their financial services, have fewer opportunities to build credit, and are rejected for loans more often.

Low-wage workers earning less than $15 per hour make up 80.7% of the state’s unbanked. Nearly half of all Black households in California and 41% of all Latino households are unbanked or underbanked compared to 15.5% of white households.

AB 1177 – the California Public Banking Option Acct – will provide Californians with a no-cost banking option. This bill creates the BankCal program, allowing Californians to open a no-fee, no-penalty account with an associated debit card.

Join the fight for equitable banking access with the 3 action items above!


Authors: Assemblymembers Miguel Santiago, David Chiu, Mike Gipson, Ash Kalra, Alex Lee, Wendy Carrillo, Eduardo Garcia, Lorena Gonzalez.

Coauthors: Assemblymembers Rob Bonta, Laura Friedman, Luz Rivas, Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Phil Ting, Buffy Wicks, Senators Maria Elana Durazo, Ben Hueso, Lena Gonzalez, Scott Wiener.

Sponsors: Service Employees International Union (SEIU) CA, California Public Banking Alliance (CPBA), California Reinvestment Coalition (CRC).

Learn more at

We will hold a press conference March 30 with SEIU California to officially launch AB 1177, the California Public Banking Option Act. Details soon!

Introduction to the Green New Deal @ Online
Mar 18 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Grandmothers for a Green New Deal, a small group of elder women (members of 1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations), invite you to a 90-minute, interactive zoom workshop to examine the Green New Deal as a blueprint toward a sustainable future.

Sign up for one of these workshops by clicking on the registration links below

Register for Thursday, March 18, 4-5:30 PM

Register for Friday, March 26; 4-5:30 PM

Register for Thursday, April 1, 4 – 5:30 PM


Each presentation is limited to 12 participants so everyone has a chance to share their ideas. Please register early!

The workshop is centered around a 17 minute video,

Please watch the video before the workshop.

The video addresses the question: What is the Green New Deal and why does it matter?  It reviews the basics of the threat of climate catastrophe, the need for a radical restructuring of society for racial, gender, and economic justice, and why these things are inseparably connected. All in the voices of grandmothers talking about why this matters to them.

Just Transition Town Hall: Decommissioning Refineries in the Bay Area @ Online
Mar 18 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Register here.

Join Communities for a Better Environment, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, and the Richmond Our Power Coalition (ROPC) at the first of  a series of ROPC Just Transition town halls.  At Decommissioning Refineries in the Bay Area, imagine the progressive closure of Bay Area refineries where the host communities and workers are protected economically and socially!  For the City of Richmond, this means imagining a future Beyond Chevron.

Richmond is trapped in a toxic relationship with Chevron.   For over a century:

  • Chevron has polluted Richmond’s air, water, land, and politics,
  • Chevron has pitted community groups against one another through its philanthropy,
  • Chevron has gaslit and lied to Richmond, claiming that its toxic flaring and daily emissions are safe.

It’s time to envision a future Beyond Chevron.  Working together we can make sure that the inevitable transition from Chevron and the extractive economy supports communities and workers, centers justice and healing, and builds a regenerative, feminist economy.

Come join this community town hall hosted by Communities for a Better Environment to hear stories from community members and to vision together what can come next.

** Priority attendance for Richmond / San Pablo residents and those directly impacted by Chevron. **

Have any access needs, questions, or concerns?  Feel free to reach out to


Panel Discussion: Farmers’ Struggle in India @ Online
Mar 20 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Hundreds of thousands of farmers and farm-workers in India have been protesting for over 111 days seeking repeal of the three new farm laws. What started in the Indian state of Punjab as a protest against the deregulation of the agrarian economy and doing away with the limited protections the farmers have had, quickly evolved into the largest mass mobilization in post-colonial India. Despite efforts from the hyper-nationalist ruling party to derail and delegitimize the movement, it continues to grow having cut across class, caste, and gender, and threatens to challenge the prevailing alliance between the state and capital.

Join us as we discuss the development of one of the largest agrarian struggles in the world in recent history!




Workers of the World: Growth, Change and Rebellion (online townhall) @ Online
Mar 20 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Join us for a discussion with Kim Moody, a longtime activist, socialist, a founder of Labor Notes, and author of many books on rank and file unionism and politics.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 821 5880 0683
Passcode: 340756

One tap mobile
+16699009128,,82158800683#,,,,,,0#,,340756# US (San Jose)
+13462487799,,82158800683#,,,,,,0#,,340756# US (Houston)


Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA) Training 
Mar 20 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Part II:   Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA) Training
Discussion facilitated by Marian Doub and Nikki Sachs

We are deeply grateful to The Society of Fearless Grandmothers for offering this training in August 2020 during the cocooning enforced by the global pandemic crisis. The Society of Fearless Grandmothers trains older women in NVDA, how to organize, how to become a police liaison, and how to nonviolently stand between law enforcement and those behind us conducting nonviolent direct actions. The Society of Fearless Grandmothers is a wholly volunteer community service organization.

This is a wonderful pre-recorded training about how to show up well as a guest and ally in solidarity and be prepared for justice and clean water, air and soil action, led by experienced Society of Fearless Grandmothers NVDA Trainers Pennie Opal Plant and  Alison Ehara Brown, founders of the Society of Fearless Grandmothers, Idle No More San Francisco Bay, and signers of the Indigenous Women of Americas Defending Mother Earth Treaty.   Facilitators will include information on “Getting Organized”, which will continue into the April training.

This training covers topics to orient and prepare for a wide range of creative, nonviolent actions. Topics will cover the ABCs of creating or joining actions with a variety of roles and tactics that match your passions and abilities: strategic use of nonviolence in social movements, affinity groups, liaison with police and media, how to create beautiful direct actions, how to provide jail support, and other topics. The training will break out into smaller group sessions to reflect more deeply on our personal understandings as elder women committed to speaking out and acting in support of a healthy, clean, safe and restored planet for all beings. We’ll practice nonviolent techniques for preventing or de-escalating potentially violent situations and how to understand and work with the emotions that can be triggered or evoked.

The video does not need to be watched prior to the training, however you are encouraged to do so if you can.   Our experience is that we get something new or deeper out of each fresh viewing, and you may get more from the training if you do.

We are inspired by the work of the Society of Fearless Grandmothers and recognize that their work is done on a wholly voluntary basis. As guests on stolen land, we are humble and embrace the gift of their wisdom in this training with our deep gratitude. You can make a contribution today to their sister organization, Movement Rights, to help their work with tribal communities to stop fracking and pipelines and protect the Rights of Nature.

Oakland Solidarity With Amazon Workers – Car Caravan and Rally @ Lake Merritt BART Parking Lo
Mar 20 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Join the bike and car caravan to support the Alabama Amazon Workers’ union drive. March 20 is the International Day of Solidarity. The caravan will start at 1 p.m at Lake Merritt BART Parking Lot, 8th and Oak, travel to several Oakland Amazon hubs and then end at Snow Park, 19th and Harrison at 2:30 p.m. for a rally.

Between Feb 8, and March 29, approximately 6,000 Amazon warehouse workers in Bessemer, Alabama will begin voting by mail on whether to be represented by the Retail, Wholesale Department Store Workers Union (RWDSU). The harsh working conditions at Amazon warehouses, along with Amazon’s refusal to adopt measures that protect workers from COVID 19, have pushed Amazon and Whole Foods workers every- where to step up organizing and fighting back.

These predominantly Black workers who have in recent months formed the BAmazon Workers Union, are on the cusp of launching a history-changing workers organization against one of the biggest and most powerful transnational corporations in the world, and its super rich union busting owner, Jeff Bezos. In addition, these workers are standing up to the racist, anti-union laws that suppress labor across the South.

Solidarity from every corner of the labor and progressive movements is needed now to show the workers in Bessemer that they are not alone, that all eyes are on the historic struggle that they are leading. This is especially needed as Amazon ramps up their union-busting tactics.

Spill the Disabili-Tea: A Disability Justice Workshop @ Online
Mar 20 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Follow this link to register:


What is Disability Justice? People often express feeling intimidated and ill-equipped to unpack what we’ve been taught about disability, and how to support and advocate for disabled people in our everyday lives. This workshop is a fabulous opportunity for you to dive into the magic of disability justice with SURJ and Alex Locust at the helm.

With “Spill the Disabili-Tea™”, Alex will be facilitating an interactive discussion of disability justice for those committed to elevating their support for disabled folks in their community. Using his lived experience, education, and advocacy know-how, he’ll lead a candid conversation exploring the following questions (and more):

Who is “disabled” and what creates that experience?

What is “disability justice?”

What’s the “right way” to interact with people with disabilities?

How can I do better about those tricky “microaggressions?”

What’s the difference between “access” and “inclusion?”

Is disability a cultural experience and how can that intersect with other cultural identities?

How can I integrate these skills in the community (e.g. Pride celebrations, workplace culture, community gatherings)?

Come join us for an afternoon of real talk, experiential exercises, group work, and lots of laughs as we all Spill the Disabili-Tea™.

Accessibility Information

Spill the Disabili-Tea™ will be held virtually over Zoom and will start promptly at 1pm. We encourage you to join a few minutes before 1 to situate yourself.

Participants will receive an email after RSVP’ing and instructions for joining the meeting in an email sent out the morning before the event.

You may want to check your SPAM/ promotions folder for these emails. If you do not find the email, please email us at, by the day before the meeting at the latest, so we can provide you the zoom link.

Closed Captioning will be provided. If possible, please let us know you plan to access Closed Captioning by emailing

We hope to provide translation into Spanish at this meeting but are still working on it. If you or someone else you know would want translation into Spanish, please reach out to us as soon as possible by emailing: We have not yet built capacity for translation to other languages.


ASL interpretation will be provided if requested by 11:00 AM on Thursday March 18th by emailing: Please RSVP for the workshop as well.


This event is sliding scale, meaning pay what you can afford or are comfortable with. The sliding scale is from $20-$80. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, if you are unable to pay please RSVP by emailing and we will send you the link the day before the event.

Film Screening: Kiss the Ground @ Online
Mar 20 @ 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Kiss the Ground is a full-length documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson that sheds light on a new, old approach to farming called “regenerative agriculture” that has the potential to balance our climate, replenish our vast water supplies, and feed the world.

Kiss the Ground reveals that, by regenerating the world’s soils, we can completely and rapidly stabilize Earth’s climate, restore lost ecosystems and create abundant food supplies. Using compelling graphics and visuals, along with striking NASA and NOAA footage, the film artfully illustrates how, by drawing down atmospheric carbon, soil is the missing piece of the climate puzzle.

This movie is positioned to catalyze a movement to accomplish the impossible – to solve humanity’s greatest challenge, to balance the climate and secure our species future.

This film will be open to watch from home from the 21st-23rd of March.

Free and open to all. Donations are welcome and go to support our local arts community. Make donations at

Hosted by Sustainable Woodstock and Pentangle Arts. Made possible by our underwriters VERMONT COMMUNITY FOUNDATION and MASCOMA BANK and sponsors Ellaway Group, The Unicorn, and Mark Knott DDS.

Art Against Imprisonment @ Online
Mar 21 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Please Join The Palestinian Youth Movement, Addameer, California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Freedom Archives, The Arab Resource and Organizing Center and US Palestinian Community Network for Art Against Imprisonment, a Virtual Art Exhibit, that features art from incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people
in Palestine and in the US. As a small testament to their creativity, imagination, and expressions of solidarity!

Join us in launching this exhibit with former political
prisoners: Hafez Omar, Linda Evans, and Oscar Lopez Rivera. Also, we will have and Anmar Rafeedie, cultural worker and long time member of El-Fanoun Palestinian Dance Troupe; and a message from Kevin Cooper
currently on California’s death row.
with musical artist:
Naima Shaloub; and with more to come.

Register here:

The Great Labor Rebellion of the 1930s.
Mar 21 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

The topic will be the history of the 1930s. Not the Great Depression but the *responses* to it. Firstly the Great Labor Rebellion: the CP-led California farmworkers strike, the three left-led general strikes of 1934, the sitdown strikes, and the rise of the CIO. And secondly the capitalist response, the New Deal and FDR, how the capitalist class coopted Labor’s Giant Step, and how black people, Chicanos and women were mistreated under New Deal legislation.

Our speaker is John Holmes who teaches history at Merritt College in California, and is currently on the executive council of the Peralta Federation of Teachers, representing part timers. He was previously an activist in the typographical union.

The meeting will be opened up, as usual, at 10:15 for anyone to join and discuss technical matters, catch up with each other, say Hi, etc. We Intend to start the presentation as close to 10:30 am as possible. The program (and recording) will end at 12:30, but the Waiting Room will remain open for informal discussion.

Login info will be posted by here by Friday, Mar 19, 2021

How to Change the World in One Generation @ Online
Mar 21 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Right now the most vulnerable individuals are being exploited on a massive scale and it will only get worse if we don’t take action now. But can we as average citizens really make a difference to help them? The answer is YES. In Direct Action Everywhere’s workshop, you will learn the history of social movements, the groundbreaking new research that shows the power of ordinary people, and the bold plan to nonviolently abolish the most harmful industry on earth that kills billions of animals every year.

Join this Zoom link Sunday at 11am PST:
Meeting ID: 840 1236 1059

Please sign up to our email list before you attend this event:

– – –

This interactive workshop was created by DxE co-founder and former Northwestern law professor Wayne Hsiung. After this workshop, you will have the tools to begin taking high impact action with thousands around the world to create historic change by saving billions of lives.

If you’re interested in joining our community for change by becoming a chapter member, this workshop is required. Sign-up to be a chapter member at